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Archives for April, 2015

Creative Thinking

Introvert Power To Be Creative

"When I began this book, I wanted to resolve the paradox of meditating in the mosh pit — to emancipate introverts from the constraints of an extroverted society. But the reality of the mosh pit woke me up to something new."
Psychologist Laurie Helgoe also writes in her book "Introvert Power" about her early life - perhaps you can relate, especially if you are introverted...
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Leaky Attention and Being More Creative

"Poor sensory gating, the ability to filter unnecessary stimuli from the brain, correlated with a higher number of lifetime creative achievements."
Being a highly sensitive person may include letting an unusually high level of information in to our nervous systems, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed by emotional and sensory input at times, but may also help explain why sensitive people are often artists and creators.

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