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Three Creative Minds: Dolan, Lange, Binoche

Xavier Dolan

Multitalented people often express stimulating perspectives on realizing their creative abilities and passions. Here are comments from three well-known artists.

Xavier Dolan has credits including: Actor, Writer, Producer, Costume designer, and at age 25 has directed five feature films.

He has said “I don’t know that I’m being prolific, I’m just responding, I’m being authentic and I’m just listening to my needs in terms of expression.” …

“I do feel that technically I’m still a neophyte, and that scares me. But I am a nerd, I learn fast, I’m passionate and I’m curious. I don’t doubt myself, but I have my doubts.”

In her interview with Dolan, actor Jessica Chastain asks: “Do you feel that with your writing and directing and acting you can delve into what it was like to be an 8-year-old kid watching Titanic and trying to figure out their sexuality? Is it a way for you to explore that within yourself?”

Dolan responds: “I think it’s a way to channel rage. I was a very violent kid. I think movies and writing and art have been a way of channeling this. But I have this will to defend people—it can be all sorts of people.”

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Jessica Lange with cameraActor Jessica Lange is also a published photographer.

“What I love about photography, and it’s the same thing I love about acting, really, is that it forces you right into the moment, where you can’t be distracted, where you can’t be thinking about other things, or ahead of yourself or behind yourself.”

“I find photography a most mysterious process—capturing that moment in time and space, elusive and fleeting, and crystallizing it.

“You have made a photograph. It is its own thing now. To me, that is thrilling.”

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Juliette Binoche in Words and Pictures

Actress, dancer, poet, painter Juliette Binoche comments about her drawing and painting:

“The heat and emotion to be generated, like the physical stamina to be supplied, are part of an actor’s life. Whatever was left over, whatever surged forth despite myself, and whatever I had hoped for, I then put down on paper.

“None of it is definitive; it’s just a record—a fleeting and subjective perception—of one moment in life. Technique simply came with the desire to paint, without preconceptions.”

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Three Creative Minds: Dolan, Lange, Binoche

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