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Transformational Writing and Sparking Creative Flow

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Author, professor and CEO Ocean Robbins and his father John are examples of transformational writers. Ocean recalls:

“I was ten-years-old when my dad first began to write Diet for a New America. It was the first book to expose the truth about factory farms, and the link between food and our planet, to a wide audience. In the five years after the book’s publication in 1987, beef consumption in the United States dropped by 25%, and my dad received more than 50,000 letters from readers, thanking him for changing their lives.

“As we’ve seen in our family, sometimes writing can change the world.”

John and Ocean RobbinsOcean asked his dad to “share an easy way to get your creative juices flowing.”

Here are some of his suggestions:

“Think of a topic you’d like to explore. Create a prompt, which is a few words that start a sentence, that lead you into that topic. A few examples could be: “Food is…”; “I’m hungry for…”; “It breaks my heart when…”; or “One thing I’m celebrating is…”.

“Sit down and set a timer for ten minutes. Write your prompt at the top of a blank piece of paper.

“Then for ten minutes, write stream of consciousness style, without letting your pen leave the paper except to move to a new letter, on the topic you selected.

“Don’t censor, don’t edit, and don’t stop. When the timer goes off, allow yourself to finish whatever sentence you are on, and then you’re done. Read what you’ve written, and reflect if anything emerged from that process that surprised or intrigued you.

“This is also fun to do with friends or loved ones. The goal isn’t a polished piece of writing, but to spark creativity and release blocks to self expression.”

From post by Ocean Robbins: Getting Creative Juices Flowing (on The Food Revolution Network site; also source of pen image).

Book: Voices of the Food Revolution: You Can Heal Your Body and Your World with Food! by John Robbins, Ocean Robbins.

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Hear an audio clip: Ryan Eliason interviews Ocean Robbins on entrepreneurs making a difference and thriving, in my post Empowering Social Entrepreneurs.

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You can, of course, make use of these ideas for your writing or other creative work on your own, but many people find that a program with a coach and input from others is very helpful.

The Writer’s Circle

One small group coaching program is The Writer’s Circle, by writing coach Jenna Avery, who summarizes her program as “a powerful system to help writers like you – novelists, screenwriters, songwriters, poets, non-fiction writers, and creative writers – stay on track with your work so you can get your writing into the world.”

See my Inner Writer site post About The Writer’s Circle Program, which includes a video with Avery talking about dealing with one of the common challenges for us as creative people: our inner critic.

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The Transformational Author Experience article

If you are a transformational writer – or aspire to be one – to make a significant social impact with your work, take a look at my article The Transformational Author Experience.

Classes in the program are from “top writing, publishing and book marketing experts, including bestselling authors (Lisa Nichols, Danielle LaPorte, Marci Shimoff and Robert Allen), top literary agents (representing authors like Jack Canfield, Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch) and publishers like Reid Tracy (CEO of Hay House) and Marc Allen (CEO of New World Library)… in addition to transformational leaders like Panache Desai. And more.”

Marci Shimoff makes an insightful comment:

“Writing takes practice. But even beyond the benefits of honing your writing skills through practice, there’s something MORE that’s awaiting you with each word your write.

“When you approach writing as a practice in and of itself, not as something you do to improve your own writing skill – rather something you do to improve your Self – this is the practice of writing, and it is the very thing that will empower and inspire you to put your best words on the page and make a difference with your message.”


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Transformational Writing and Sparking Creative Flow

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