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The Surreal Fashion Photography of Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela - LEGERDEMAINMost of my limited experience of fashion photography has been the occasional magazine feature or ad, and the images typically seem to me mainly designed to document the clothing.

The work of London-based fashion photographer Natalie Dybisz, who works under the name Miss Aniela, is much more complex and intriguing.

Writer Sarah Bradley describes some of how Miss Aniela works:

“Blurring the lines between art, photography, and fashion, Miss Aniela’s collection of Surreal Fashion takes us to a mysterious place where the most elaborate and fantastical dreams come to life.”

“The detailed art direction of her work is unique, pulling from and combining a wide swath of genres and periods. While the physical settings are often stately and elegant rooms with Rococo or Victorian architecture, her choices in subject, composition, and style exhibit several painterly influences — spanning from Flemish oil painting and Dutch still lifes to Baroque chiaroscuro and Romantic seascapes.

“A woman standing in a ballroom with a family of crows might hearken to a twisted version of Velasquez’s Las Meninas, while another, more modern image conjures Frida, a black thread tracing from a woman’s hand to inside a painting.”

From article: Imagination in Photography: Storytelling in Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion.

The image is titled “LEGERDEMAIN” – part of the description (from one of her gallery sites: includes: “Shot in Paris. Fused with aspects from Pacific Ocean.” 

Dybisz has a number of perspectives about her creative inspiration – which can of course apply to other creators:

“Going to one’s dreams, or to one’s own life experiences/subconscious, I have found to be the best way to conceive images that might not even be truly original, but lack cliches, and come genuinely from the artist’s soul and heart…. often with a message for others.”

From my post Collaborating With Our Shadow Side.

She has also commented:

“Optimum creativity is a birth: it needs a plan and foreknowledge, but it needs time, no pressure and an unexplainable force of nature.”

Read more and see a video interview, plus information about her online CreativeLive course Imaginative Fashion Photography, in my article: Miss Aniela: Bringing Dreams to Life With Fashion Photography.


The Surreal Fashion Photography of Miss Aniela

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