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Archives for February, 2014

Creative Thinking

Painter Robert Genn on Art and Happiness

In an issue of his newsletter, artist Robert Genn notes that in his book “Against Happiness” writer Eric Wilson "disparages our current love affair with putting on a happy face."

Wilson thinks that with our “feel good” culture and the "widespread use of happy drugs, everybody’s trying to be cheerful and there are no decent dollops of melancholy and sadness. When this happens, art becomes bland, unchallenging and redundant."

Genn notes, "Dr. Thomas...
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Life circumstances

Creative People, Trauma, Addiction: Colin Farrell

"Basically, I'd been fairly drunk or high since I was 14." Colin Farrell
Why do so many creative people use and abuse drugs, often to the point of addiction?

There is of course no easy answer, but one of the factors for many people may be childhood trauma.

In his article Emotional Trauma: An Often Overlooked Root of Addiction, David Sack, writes, "A history of childhood neglect or sexual, physical or...
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Sensitivity and Creativity: Cheryl Richardson and Alanis Morissette

“The more you become your own best champion, supporter, cheerleader, and trusted confidant, the better able you’ll be to fully and joyfully express your blessed creativity.

“That’s when your art becomes more and more successful in the world. It begins with treating yourself with love, respect, kindness, and compassion."

Those quotes by coach and author Cheryl Richardson relate to her extensive writing and teaching on self-care for...
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