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Lisa Sonora Beam On Success As A Creative Entrepreneur

“The act of making something new makes us vulnerable.”

Lisa Sonora BeamThat is a comment by artist and creative business consultant Lisa Sonora Beam, who writes in her book “The Creative Entrepreneur” about the variety of challenges that creative people face in developing a piece of artwork, a small business, or themselves as a writer or other artist – the central element of a creative endeavor.

She notes people may “experience a kind of mythic divide” between their creative work and business practicalities.

“This split can create tension and even trauma for the creative soul who is blessed with passion and purpose yet cursed by the seemingly mysterious realm of strategies and skills that are necessary to make an idea real.”

She notes that her book “addresses the three main issues that can result in creative business failure: emotional and psychological blockages, faulty thinking about the creative process, and a lack of practical business knowledge.”

One approach she finds very helpful for herself and clients is visual journaling:

“It is one of the most powerful tools I know to gain insight, solve problems, and explore new ideas without the pressure to produce a product… it is an appealing and unique vehicle for entrepreneurial explorations.

“If you have trouble with the word journal, call it a sketchbook or a notebook. Sketches and notes are never confused with the work they ultimately inspire.”

She thinks “Those who gain the most from the visual journal process are able to separate process and product. They are able to think of and use their visual journal as a container for their inner process rather than treat it as a work of art.”

From The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real by Lisa Sonora Beam (Kindle & Paperback).

This is one of her videos about her online class, Creative + Practice:

Dreaming On Paper online workshopLearn more about the class:  Creative + Practice – an 8-week, multimedia e-course.

“The thing I’m asked most often is how I am able to make a living as an artist.

“I could tell you about Paypal buttons, affiliate programs, social media techniques, pricing your work, marketing your work, branding your work, selling your work.

“But the true secret to my success as an artist and creative entrepreneur has to do with just one thing: Creative Practice.

“The secret is not in your products, services, packaging, messaging, pricing, and the other details we get hung up on when trying to earn a living from our art.

“The secret is in having a Creative Practice.”

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Visit her site to learn about her other online programs and workshops.


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Lisa Sonora Beam On Success As A Creative Entrepreneur

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