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Kurt Vonnegut“The practice of any art isn’t to make a living, it’s to make your soul grow.”

Kurt Vonnegut

To be creative at times feels like an almost effortless flow, but creative work may also require a high level of courage and boldness – even to make the choice to do something creative.

One of the things that motivated me to develop this article was hearing screenwriter and film director James Toback on the Charlie Rose Show.

He commented that although he has been able to do what he wants to do creatively, he has many “very talented, imaginative, and ambitious” friends from Harvard who have been successful in areas outside the arts, but did not find a way to “harness their creative energy” and “every one is unfulfilled; every one is a frustrated artist.”

Read some related quotes by Joan Chen and Judy Davis, and hear audio clips of Toback, as well as Eric Maisel about some of the challenges of being creative, in my video:

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Beliefs about life and abilities affect our identity and self esteem, as well as how much we develop creative talents and pursue other interests. Here are two of many dozens of articles on my sites:

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Eric Maisel

Psychotherapist and creativity coach Eric Maisel is a major resource.

See long list of his books.

Learn more about his online class “How to Create Fearlessly

– This is from ‘The Top 10 Big Ideas’ of the class:

“How you speak to yourself determines whether or not you will create. If you tell yourself that you have no talent, that you hate mistakes and messes, that you have no imagination, or that you’re too far behind and maybe even ruined, you won’t create. You must change and improve how you talk to yourself to have any shot at creating regularly and deeply.”

The link will take you to the Academy for Optimal Living site, where you can find classes by many other teachers.