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Archives for October, 2013

Mental Health

Do We Need to be Crazy to be Creative?

"Creativity is a divine madness… a gift from the gods." Plato

"People who are getting into this archetype of the tortured poet end up really torturing themselves to death.” Sting
This mythology of madness as a fuel for creativity, or an inherent part of creative minds, continues to affect how we think of artists - and ourselves as creative people.

For example, psychiatrist and creativity author Albert Rothenberg MD commented that "Deviant behavior, whether in the...
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Feeling Like A Fraud

“At any time I still expect that the no-talent police will come and arrest me.” Actor, writer, director Mike Myers

Many talented and creative people experience impostor feelings and beliefs about themselves, despite their accomplishments.

Valerie Young, is an expert on impostor syndrome and...
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Creative Thinking

David Burkus on Myths of Creativity

There are many ideas about being creative: You have to wait for a flash of inspiration; You need to be a "genius"; Artists are crazy (or at least flaky); You should be in pain to create, and many other myths which often get in the way of personal creative work, and business innovation.

In his book "The Myths of Creativity" David Burkus, writes about one...
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Life circumstances

Embracing Even The Pain of the Creative Process – Part 2

[See Part 1]

Many artists use creative expression to explore and express pain in life, but does creative work itself have to be painful for most of us?

Frida Kahlo painted a series of self-portraits as a depiction of the years of treatment (including orthopedic appliances) she had to endure after a devastating spinal cord injury as a teenager.

See more in article: Pain and suffering and developing creativity.

Creativity coach and...
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Creative Thinking

Embracing Even The Pain of the Creative Process

If you are a creative person, you are compelled to some extent to engage your mind and talents in doing creative work, despite setbacks and frustrations with the process.

Author Mary-Elaine Jacobsen notes,

“Beyond producing objects of value, the gifted create for the sole purpose of creative expression. They need to create and are rejuvenated by it.

"They often do so whether someone asks them to or not, regardless of payment or recognition,...
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Creative Thinking

Creative Work: Preparation, Performing, Perfectionism

Preparation is often a crucial part of creative work, and many, if not most, creative people are highly sensitive - which can enhance this preparation.

With something like twenty percent of us being highly sensitive, that means there are many performers with the trait - musicians, actors, public speakers.

In her book The Highly Sensitive Person, psychologist Elaine Aron, PhD writes that public speaking or performing is...
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