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Orna Ross on Developing Creativity

Orna RossIn an article of hers, Irish writer and creativity teacher Orna Ross notes a creative person may be “all too aware of their problems, but often unaware of their abilities.” She continues:

“This, allied with the fact that they live in a society that prefers linear, rational thinking and behaviour, makes them try to fit into situations that don’t suit them — and then blame themselves when that doesn’t work out.

“Hence: ‘I’m too sensitive’; ‘I’m too much of a perfectionist’; ‘I think too much’.

“Over time, self-blame and lack of understanding leads many bright, creative people into marginalized lives as adults — underemployed, dissatisfied and often in tremendous psychological pain.”

She adds, “Creativity is a wonderful ability — but it is not always experienced that way. It can cause problems when you, or your nearest and dearest, do not understand what it means, in practical terms.

“Creative ability needs to be recognised, nurtured, protected and given a meaningful outlet for it to be experienced as the great gift that it is.”

She warns that “When misunderstood, it can be a highly disruptive and chaotic — and experienced in very negative ways.”

Ross offers a list of questions “to examine more deeply how you have experienced this ability in your life, particularly when you have experienced it as a liability.”

Read more in her Creativity Portal article, You’re Not Mad, You’re Creative.

Video: From Idea to Novel with Orna Ross

The video interview is by Tom Evans, author of books including:
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Orna Ross is an Irish novelist and creative nonfiction writer and has taught creative principles, writing and freewriting. She is author of multiple novels and non-fiction books including Inspiration Meditation – A meditation to foster creative intelligence.

Here is a video about that book:

See her site at


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“Creatives often feel and perceive more intensely, dramatically, and with a wildly vivid color palate to draw from, which can only be described as looking at the world through a much larger lens.” – Creativity Coach Lisa Riley, from excerpt from my book: Being Highly Sensitive and Creative.


Orna Ross on Developing Creativity

, and author of books including [link to book site with excerpts.]
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