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Don’t We Need Confidence To Be More Creative?

Many actors, musicians and other performers seem to be very self-assured and confident, though some admit that is not always true. Some psychologists note that confidence can have negative aspects - and low confidence may have benefits.

Her fourth album "Red" had opening sales of million – the highest recorded in a decade, and Taylor Swift has had two million-plus opening weeks.

But in an interview in front of a college audience for a...
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Creative Thinking

Orna Ross on Developing Creativity

In an article of hers, Irish writer and creativity teacher Orna Ross notes a creative person may be "all too aware of their problems, but often unaware of their abilities." She continues:

"This, allied with the fact that they live in a society that prefers linear, rational thinking and behaviour, makes them try to fit into situations that don’t suit them — and then blame themselves when that doesn’t work out.

"Hence: 'I’m too sensitive';...
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Creative Thinking

Conformity and Creating

"The worship of convention will never lead to astonishment." Tama J. Kieves
Author and personal development coach Tama Kieves faced a number of challenges after graduating with honors from Harvard Law School, and felt compelled to leave her career as “an overworked attorney” to follow her “soul’s haunting desire to become a writer.”

In her book “Inspired and Unstoppable” she writes, “As a creative individual, visionary leader, independent thinker, soul-healer, or entrepreneur, it’s your birthright to...
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