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Archives for July, 2013

Creative Thinking

Cate Blanchett on Living a Creative Life

In her recent interview with Charlie Rose, Cate Blanchett talks about acting and working with Woody Allen for her latest role in his new movie "Blue Jasmine" - and she refers to the poignant quotes by dancer, choreographer and teacher Martha Graham (1894-1991) about leading a creative life and being an artist, such as these:

"There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only...
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Creative Thinking

Viggo Mortensen on The Social Power of Art and Staying Childlike To Be Creative

"The function of artists is to keep people childlike in a positive way. To keep open to the world."

Viggo Mortensen continues,

"Apart from traveling to different countries, to different communities, to different parts of your city, I think that art is one of the greatest anti-war and anti-poverty weapons."

I found this quote on the Tumblr site Viggo Mortensen's Art - there is also a Facebook page:

His quote...
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Creative Thinking

Making Meaning To Be More Creative

"For an artist, it is a driven pursuit, whether we acknowledge this or not, that endless search for meaning." Dianne Albin

Like passion, meaning is another central element in how we choose which of our talents to develop and express. Finding and making meaning is especially crucial for creative people.

Painter Dianne Albin continues, "Each work we attempt poses the same questions. Perhaps this time I will see more clearly, understand something more.

"That is...
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Don’t You Have To Be “Gifted and Talented” To Be Creative?

"What about your very unique that rare ability you have to yodel while break-dancing?"
What does it mean to be "talented" or "gifted" and how do identity and intelligence relate to being creative?

Those are some of the questions explored by cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman in his new book "Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined."

In her review in Nature magazine, Barbara Kiser notes that "Hearing difficulties and a low IQ score" caused the young Kaufman to be...
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