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Archives for May, 2013

Creative Thinking

Lynda Barry: No Artistic Talent Required To Be More Creative

A painter, cartoonist, and writer, among other disciplines, Lynda Barry served as an artist-in-residence at the University of Wisconsin last year, and is now an assistant professor of interdisciplinary creativity.

"I make my husband call me [Professor Barry]," she joked in an NPR interview.

"I tried to get my dogs to call me Professor Barry, but they have trouble with P's."

She commented on thinking about how people "have given up on the arts totally. But if they're with a baby...
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Creative Thinking

Does Brainstorming Enhance Creative Thinking and Innovation?

Writers Tolkien, Lewis and others discussed religious and literary ideas and their own works in progress in a famed discussion group, the Inklings, which met regularly at Lewis' college rooms at Oxford or in pubs, in the 1930s and 40s.

Of course, writers groups, support groups based on Julia Cameron's classic book The Artist's Way, and similar gatherings still enable creative collaboration and feedback from others.

Psychologist Paul Paulus has researched the value of group ‘brainwriting’...
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Books for the Creative Mind

Selected books to help develop your creativity and business innovation, and enhance your creative life.

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Art Saves: Stories, Inspiration and Prompts Sharing the Power of Art

by Jenny Doh.

"Projects and unique stories presented by Lisa Engelbrecht (a calligraphy/graffiti artist), metal artist Michael deMeng, digital collage artist Susan Tuttle, plus Kelly Rae Roberts, Lynn Whipple, Susannah Conway, Robert Dancik, Karen Michel, Rebecca Sower, Sarah Hodsdon, Suzi Blu, Stephanie...
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Ben Kingsley And Our Need For Appreciation

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” Psychologist William James
Our needs for attention and appreciation may be basic, and grounded in survival as a child, but for some people, those needs are especially potent.

In a recent article, Ben Kingsley commented about being a performer as a child, like so many other gifted actors, and some hurtful responses from his parents.

“I had always been the song-and-dance man of the family,” he...
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Eric Maisel on Dealing With Stress To Be More Creative

Creativity coach, author and psychologist Eric Maisel, PhD, notes "Some people become doctors, lawyers, accountants, or marketing executives. Some people stay at home and raise a family.

"But millions of people make another sort of choice, maybe only as part-time employment if you count the money they earn but as their full-time identity: they become artists."

And, he adds, "they struggle."

[Quotes from his site ]

In one of the chapters...
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Creative Thinking

Be More Creative: Keep the Channel Open

"Well, obviously you need a writing instrument and you need an idea. I'm just not sure which should come first."

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan (Emily Deschanel), from TV Series "Bones" ()
Creative expression is not just about using outside materials and tools, but actually being an instrument oneself.

It is a valuable and challenging idea that has been a theme of a number of acting coaches, but also applies to any form of creative work.

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Creativity and Highly Sensitive Men

Psychologist Ted Zeff, among others, notes the personality trait of high sensitivity can be particularly challenging for men, especially in this culture.

But many boys and men find that creative expression is enhanced by the many positive qualities of the trait.

Writer and entrepreneur Peter Messerschmidt [aka 'Denmarkguy'], who – like myself – identifies as being highly sensitive, writes in one of his informative articles on the topic of highly sensitive men (HSM) and how much they...
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