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Archives for February, 2013


Ang Lee: The Director, The Introvert

Ang Lee recently won his second Academy Award as best director for "Life of Pi" (his first was for "Brokeback Mountain").

In an article on leadership, Susan Cain gives a number of examples of "effective Asian-American leaders" including Lee, and others: "novelist Chang Rae-Lee; fashion designer Vera Wang; New York Times literary critic Michiko Kakutani…the list goes on and on."

From Are Asian-Americans Too Quiet to Lead Businesses?

One of the...
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Creative Thinking

Being Happy, Being More Creative?

Being relatively free of disabling moods like high levels of depression and anxiety can enhance and release creative thinking, but a number of writers and psychologists think too much focus on the pursuit of happiness may be limiting how we develop creativity.
"I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood for 40 years."

Ouiser Boudreaux (Shirley MacLaine), in Steel Magnolias (1989).
As Shirley MacLaine has also noted, "Art is about energy, positive...
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Those With High Intelligence Receive Mixed Reactions

Being exceptional may cause a variety of reactions; some of those responses are supportive, but others can discourage or discount people with high ability.
“I got that whole precocious thing [as a child]. I had no reason to doubt my own abilities or not share my opinion. The adults were offended, and the kids were resentful. I was persona non grata in both camps for quite a while.”
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Creative Thinking

Can Depression Help People Be More Creative?

"As a result of it I have felt more things, more deeply; had more experiences, more intensely…"
Psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison has written a number of books, including a memoir, about bipolar disorder. She reportedly first planned her own suicide at 17, and attempted to carry it out at 28.

Can such a profoundly challenging mental health issue like depression actually have some benefit for the...
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