Like other people, those in the arts often respond quickly to disasters like hurricanes.

Doing a Google search for “celebrity response to hurricane sandy” I located a recent Tweet by Jennifer Lopez ‏@JLo: If you need a safe place to stay, shelter info avail. in #RedCross HurricanApp #Sandy

This evening is a broadcast of “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together” – a “star-studded benefit telethon to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy, hosted by Matt Lauer with performances by Christina Aguilera, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and more! Donations benefit the Red Cross relief efforts.” [Photo from the website.]

You can also donate to the American Red Cross.

Most of us are not celebrity performers, but we may still have strong reactions to the turmoil of ‘Sandy’ or other catastrophes – and we can respond creatively.

Kate Stefans describes herself as an Emotional Eating Coaching for Sensitive Souls, and recently wrote about the hurricane:

“The past few days have been extremely intense.  With a major storm wreaking havoc on so many in the Northeast, a deep sadness for those who have lost everything to the fury of the hurricane has NYC at a stand still.  Mass transit is shut down for the foreseeable future and most are living in confinement, nestled in quilts by candlelight until the power comes back on.

“The solitude and silence that has blanketed a normally bustling city can only be described as unnerving.  With no distractions to strip away the haunting visions of those affected by the storm, I have been forced to face distress head on.

“With so much energy swirling outside my window and in my mind, I found myself frantic to release it in some way.  I went over to my arts + crafts corner and whipped out a blank canvas and some oil paints.  I began to breathe a bit deeper as my swirling mind now had a focus.”


And creating can not only serve to help us deal personally with a “swirling mind” that is responding to difficult and even deadly circumstances we face, or are seeing others face – there are many creative ways to help others by raising money, increasing awareness and in other ways.