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Aeone: “Music Takes You To A Different Level”

Composer and singer Aeone (pronounced “ay-own”) thinks we “come into this life with some obvious gifts, and some not so obvious, and you unfold those as you go.

“I was quite gifted with music as a child, and my mother in particular encouraged me, and I had a lot of female support.”

She feels “music is a business, as well as a creative thing, and you have to have a lot of courage. What gives me courage is not only myself, but also all these people that come along, and get my music, and support it. Both men and women.

“Any man who comes along who isn’t afraid to watch the wild woman come out,” she laughs.

With Celtic roots, Aeone lists as musical influences: “Scottish Pipe Music, Kate Bush, madrigals, Peter Gabriel, Beethoven, Carol King, Faure, Bjork, a drunken Irishman singing his heart out (or a drunken Welshman for that matter), Mouth Music, Annie Lennox, the sound of the wind across the moors of Devon.”

Her compositions often include Ailian pipes, hammer dulcimer, Bohren drums, koto, guitars, viola and other instruments.

One of her compositions, “The Deliverance,” was used in the trailer for the Joan of Arc movie “The Messenger.” Aeone calls it a very “tribal, warrior woman” piece.

Aeone does a lot of research about topics that inspire her creatively.

One of those inspirations is “ancient stuff,” she says. “In past times, it was a very feminine way of being, and that part of ourselves has somehow been lost. I’ve been very interested in how that happened, how that changed. Was it quickly? Actually the change from the matriarchal to the patriarchal society is very Christian.

“And I’ve wondered, can we not bring some of that ancient wisdom into modern culture? Which is just as barbaric, but we just tidily name it differently: ‘cleansing’ and things like that. But we haven’t really gotten that far ahead.”

Music, she feels, “transcends words, even if you have lyrics. When someone sings, you go to a different level, and you take a person who’s listening to a different level. Sometimes you can say something and it doesn’t mean much, but you can play something musically and the emotion is clear.

“I think in all arts, it is your duty to lift up the spirit of somebody else. And I’m not saying I’m the altruist of the century, but if you are able to do that for one person in your lifetime, that you perhaps never meet, there’s the gift right there.”

From our longer interview: Composer / singer Aeone: “Creativity is in the feminine part of ourselves.”

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Aeone: “Music Takes You To A Different Level”

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