Does Creativity Have An Expiration Date?

The late Jane Russell famously starred in “The Outlaw” in 1943. In 2006, at 84, she was singing Cole Porter songs in a review she helped create called “The Swinging Forties.”

Other examples of mature creators include these:

At 96 Martha Graham premiered her choreographed work The Maple Leaf Rag.


Maybe Gifted Underachievers Are More Creative

"Einstein is a classic example of a highly creative and highly gifted individual that did not do well in traditional school environments." That is a quote in a research paper by Kyung Hee Kim, PhD, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, who thinks "the cause of the underachievement of many gifted and talented students may be their creativity, which tends to clash with traditional school environments."

Junot Diaz on Creative Thinking: The Critical Self and Play

Novelist Junot Díaz is a Professor of Writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is "a writer whose finely crafted works of fiction offer powerful insight into the realities of the Caribbean diaspora, American assimilation, and lives lived between cultures." New York Times writer Sam Anderson recently interviewed him, and Diaz provides a number of helpful perspectives on creative expression, for any kind of artist.