As noted in his HuffingtonPost profile, Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD is “a cognitive psychologist specializing in the development of intelligence, creativity, and personality in education, business, and society.”

The British magazine Psychologies has an interview with him in a section titled TWITTER CHAT: Creativity about “kick-starting your creativity including how to cultivate a creative mind-set, dealing with a creative block and how to stretch your imagination.”

Here are some excerpts – with Twitter-submitted questions from a number of people, and Dr. Kaufman’s responses:

[How do I maintain confidence and self-belief in the face of rejections from fairs/festivals/exhibitions?]

Scott Barry Kaufman: Reconceptualise what rejection means. Everyone faces obstacles! Learn what you can from it and move on. Self-belief comes from within.

[How do I find the time to write the book that’s in my head?]

Time management is key. Looks like the book is ready. If it’s already in your head, that should inspire you to share it with the world.

[Why is it so difficult to trust yourself, your work. To have confidence, that it is good enough.]

The best way to overcome a lack of self-confidence is to become good at something — anything. Helping others can boost confidence as that will make you feel good about yourself but also get you out of your own head.

[How can I finish projects I start, after the first rush of creativity is gone?]

Finishing a project isn’t all about inspiration. During the down time, just work hard to get some aspect of the project done. Inspiration comes without effort. Allow your unconscious to make connections for you. Your second wave will eventually come.

[How do we find a creative voice when we are working such long hours?]

Do you have to work such long hours to make a living? We all have the right to express our unique selves. If your current job isn’t allowing you to sing, you might want to look for another opera house (so to speak).

[What helps you to find your creative side?]

You’ll never find it playing it safe. There’s a creative side to everyone but most people hide their creative side due to fear. Perhaps it’s time to take some risks and try lots of new things.

[How can I promote my work and carve a career out of my creativity – art, music, and literature?]

The easiest and fastest way to show the world your creativity is to start a blog and start building up followers.

[I have so many creative ideas/plans that I find it hard to do any of them. How can I organise my creativity?]

Do you have a sense of which ones may be more fruitful than others? Don’t be overwhelmed by your ideas. Write all the ideas out in a notebook and for each one describe what it would take to start implementing it.

Pick the top three most exciting ones and focus on those, excluding the rest. Creativity works best in stages. First, generate ideas. Then, narrow down the most promising. Third, Focus. Repeat.

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He is co-author (with James C. Kaufman, PhD.) of book “The Psychology of Creative Writing.”

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Photo: many years ago, I drove motorcycles that required kick-starting. It often took some time and labor to get them going – but the ride was worth it.