Craft Therapy

Post-Stroke Knitting Therapy: An Interview on How Craft Heals

After reading my previous interview about how knitting heals after a stroke, Mary left a comment to share some of her own experience. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more, so I'm thrilled that she chose to complete her own interview about post-stroke knitting therapy.
Did you engage in knitting therapy before your stroke?
I don't actually remember learning how to knit. I do remember knitting a sweater and a few other things. However, I really didn't knit regularly before the stroke....

How Crafting Heals

Knitting Heals: Interview with a Stroke Survivor

Back in March I shared an article about self-medicating with knitting therapy. I received a wonderful comment from Rebecca Robinson about how knitting heals as a form of physical / occupational therapy, which she herself used after a stroke and brain bleed. Interestingly, she wasn't able to use crochet the same way. I wanted to know more and was thrilled when she agreed to an interview.
Knitting Immediately After a Stroke
Rebecca first shared that she had a stroke and accompanying brain bleed...