Craft Therapy

Craft as Self-Care: Crochet Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Crochet is a form of self-care for me. It helps me prevent, minimize, and/or manage the symptoms of depression.

Poem: The Difference
Every summer when I was growing up we would go to visit my grandmother, the only truly religious woman in our family. She had a poem by Grace L. Naessens hanging in her bathroom called The Difference, which is about the need to pray every day.

The poem describes someone who felt...

Craft Therapy

Post-Stroke Knitting Therapy: An Interview on How Craft Heals

After reading my previous interview about how knitting heals after a stroke, Mary left a comment to share some of her own experience. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more, so I'm thrilled that she chose to complete her own interview about post-stroke knitting therapy.
Did you engage in knitting therapy before your stroke?
I don't actually remember learning how to knit. I do remember knitting a sweater and a few other things. However, I really didn't knit regularly before the stroke....

How Crafting Heals

Knitting Heals: Interview with a Stroke Survivor

Back in March I shared an article about self-medicating with knitting therapy. I received a wonderful comment from Rebecca Robinson about how knitting heals as a form of physical / occupational therapy, which she herself used after a stroke and brain bleed. Interestingly, she wasn't able to use crochet the same way. I wanted to know more and was thrilled when she agreed to an interview.
Knitting Immediately After a Stroke
Rebecca first shared that she had a stroke and accompanying brain bleed...

Craft Therapy

5 Unique Benefits of Yarn Crafts

Yarn crafts heal us in so many different ways.

I love finding different articles that explore this topic. Sometimes they are academic or research-based. More often, though, they are anecdotal.

The stories people share about their own experience of the benefits of yarn crafts always teach...

Slow Living

Slow Crafting: An Interview with Yarrow of Therapeutic Textiles

I recently came across Yarrow Magdalena, a web designer who embraces the art of slow crafting. One of her Instagram accounts cites that in addition to an interesting in textile art and history, she appreciates "slow, therapeutic crafts for mental health + ptsd" and enjoys "DIY comfort items." That's right up my alley.