Courageous Everyday
with Jodi Clarke, LPC/MHSP, NCC


How to Be Strong When No One Has Your Back

Have you ever reached out to someone for emotional support and heard one (or more) of the following?

You'll be fine
Don't worry about it
I'm sure it will all work out
You just need to get over it
Don't be so sensitive
Focus on the positive
... or maybe you get no response at all


Want to Build Courage? Stop Doing These Five Things

When was the last time you felt courageous?

I recently saw a popular action movie with my two sons and, wow, was it full of courageous non-stop action! Every scene featured brave decision-making and situations that tested the limits of physical and mental strength. Although most of us don't face such extreme challenges in our everyday lives, we are often faced with situations that require us to step up courageously and move out of our comfort zones.


17 Courage Quotes to Help You Have a Great Week

Are you ready for a great week?

Courage on a Monday morning can be hard to find as you sip your coffee, check emails, shuttle the kids to school and think about all of the tasks ahead for the week. We can find inspiration anywhere and quotes are a great place to start. Quotes tend to get a bit of a bad rap but, in fact, surrounding ourselves with positive statements actually does help influence our mindset. We can find a sense of hope, encouragement and inner strength when we come across material that speaks to us in a meaningful way.

I hope at least a couple of the following quotes speak to you in a powerful way to start your week strong!


5 Ways Courage Can Help You Live a Life You Love

Courage feels big, doesn't it? When we think of courage we often pull up images of unbelievable strength, conquering impossible obstacles or climbing to the peak of the mountain with our flag in hand. What about the everyday? Many of the experiences you and I walk through require us to be courageous and to show up in ways that might feel really vulnerable or even impossible. What do we do?

It is suggested that, on average, adults make about 35,000 decisions each day. Wow, no wonder we can feel so exhausted! Our everyday lives can leave us feeling drained and uncertain at times, facing big and small obstacles, making choices at work and at home, navigating relationships and walking through life transitions.

Let's talk about five big ways that showing up courageously can help us live a life we love.