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Archives for April, 2015


The 4 Essential Building Blocks to Being IN Love

Partners in a troubled romantic relationship will often report that while they love their partner… they are no longer “IN" love with him or her. We believe the only difference between the two statements is the word “IN.”

We have learned over the past 38 years that to be “IN” Love requires that we make a decision to become emotionally vulnerable with our partner. Below, we present in bullet form what we have found to be essential in the foundation of such...
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Addiction Recovery

Share Your Experience, Strength & Hope With Your Partner

In 12 step recovery circles there is an accepted protocol to how members support each other - especially when they are trying to help a newcomer to the program.

Members of the recovery community do not tell others in their group what is best for each other, they do not preach, and they do not pretend to know for certain what is best for one another. It is common to...
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