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Archives for December, 2013

Addiction Recovery

New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions:
I’ll lose weight. I’ll stop smoking. I’ll spend more time with my partner or my children.
Somewhere around the second week of January however, those promises go the way of all the other promises. We start snacking, smoking, and/or spending more time at the office.

Many times our promises are unrealistic. They are often made to impress someone else. Other times, the promises are made half-heartedly, with no real intention of...
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Addiction Recovery

Holidays Are What We Make of Them

What reaction do you get when the holiday season is mentioned? Do you immediately have warm thoughts of family, holiday meals, and merriment, or does your mind conjure up dark images of depression, chaos, and family arguments?
Memories are a powerful thing. Feeling memories of the pain and disappointment of holidays past can overwhelm us so much so that we have come to expect nothing different. Or perhaps, our feeling memories might be...
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