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Archives for June, 2013


Falling Out of Love (Whatever that Means…)

In previous blog entries we have written a lot about romantic partners who have reached the point of dissatisfaction in their romantic relationships that they find themselves considering the need for professional help, or selecting self-help titles such as “Awakening To Your Soul Mate: A decision to be IN Love ©.” By this point they have probably known for some time that something is wrong in the relationship.  It is generally...
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Addiction Recovery

“The Blame Game” Usually Leads to Relapse

When people who suffer with addictions and those that love them begin to feel the pain that develops over the course of the progression of their perspective challenges, they will often look for something outside of themselves to explain the problems they or others are experiencing. (This inclination to blame others represents the core of what we call DENIAL.)

When we are looking to blame someone for the quality of...
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