3 thoughts on “The Advice that Changed the Course of My Mental Health Recovery

  • June 10, 2018 at 7:56 am

    Loved this…I too suffer from same illnesses as a School Counselor. I would love to see more coping skills you can suggest for teens. Being an introvert I tend to be in my head and ruminate as if i were a narcissist. So self absorbed and over analyzing everything. Im trying mindfulness to keep my attention more focused. Thanks again….Kim in Tampa

    • June 10, 2018 at 10:20 am

      Wow you have the same illnesses I do? I very rarely meet people with bipolar and DID. I can relate to being in my head and being self-absorbed. I think at least for a while we need to be self-absorbed during our recovery in order to be self-aware and understand how to get better. But for me changing my focus has been pivotal. You asked about coping skills for teens. Finding ways of self-expression, I think at that age they are trying to find their identity and voice. (I counseled college students for the past two semesters and I think it’s similar.) So creating art and poetry to help them find their identity and express emotions, journaling to help with identity development and self-awareness, reading and listening to inspirational poetry/music, mindfulness techniques, relaxation techniques. I use a lot of creative therapies with my clients and they were effective with nearly everyone.

  • June 12, 2018 at 5:32 am

    For some time I’d been doing what is normal for C PTSD folk to do in recovery, which is relate, abate and dissipate the recall spooks, in between getting on with life, but apparently was getting no progress, and becoming a bit tetchy…
    The spectre of failure seemed to be looming, when I overheard a conversation which ended
    “Well if its not broken, I’m not going to fix it”
    That actually struck a deep chord within me, and made me realise that perhaps I hadn’t noticed in my zeal for recovery and overthinking that maybe recovery enough might well have happened, and a bit more immersion in the nitty gritty of life would provide a better test of my self help progress than aiming for…
    Well this was what the problem really was.
    What was I aiming for?
    There isn’t a certificate awarded like at the end of the graduation which says “passed” or whatever, so what had I done?
    At best, I felt I had achieved a much calmer approach to life, and an improvement in people skills, bit less of a pleaser, and with more normal boundaries so in fact I’d upped my social skills enough not to get caught up in accidental reversion to disassociate and hide behind my “wall”
    Arguments were out, vexations of the spirit, i.e. those with grumps who wanted to dump, I slip slid away intact.
    Sensitivity is one of my gifts and I’m not having it bashed.
    Course, been more than a few wobblies in the last three years but I do have a sense of humour which is kinda popular and the more I’ve been in the swim without overthinking the more confident I have become .
    With this has come interest by the opposite sex.
    Was this the actual pass mark I was looking for?
    Is Cupid redundant? lol


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