Help! I think I’m being abused

It is shocking to read the statistics about how many teens find themselves in abusive relationships before they even graduate high school.
•Approximately million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year.
•One in three adolescents in the...


High School 2.0

I am not sure about the rest of you, but I attended high school back in the eighties. It was a time when social media took the form of a "paper note", bullying was done to your face and "talking to a friend" meant, literally talking on the phone to a friend.

High school could be a difficult and complicated place to be. There was "gossip", that spread from person to...


How Hugs Can Make You Happy

Today as I was pondering some topics for my weekly blog, I was struck by an incredibly wise suggestion from my five and a half year old son.

"Talk about how you like my hugs, mommy"

So here I am, I am going to talk about my son's hugs and just how incredible they are. Interesting Facts about Hugging

Here are some interesting facts about hugging that may surprise

A full-body hug stimulates your nervous system and helps...

coping skills

The Sun: Too Much or Not Enough

As I pack to head across the country to southern California for some time away, I look forward the beach, the warm weather and of course, the sun. Many of us get a craving for sunshine at this time of year and as we head into the winter months, often this "craving" increases and many of us find ourselves feeling lethargic or even feeling depressed and ill. A study published in the Archives of Internal...

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The Millenials: A Depressed Generation?

Research has recently reported that "Eight percent of 12-17 year-olds in the United States have experienced at least one major depressive disorder in the past year".

Some may argue that this may only be the result of much greater recognition and diagnosis of depression as an illness than in the past. Dr. Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University and others say it owes to the rise in materialism and narcissism in...

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Cutting and Self-Harm: Understanding and Treatment

Self-injury, also called self-harm, is the act of deliberately harming your own body, such as cutting, burning yourself or other means. It's typically not meant as a suicide attempt. Rather, self-injury is an unhealthy way to cope with emotional pain, intense anger or frustration.

Myths and facts about cutting and self-harm:

Typically cutting and other means of self-harm tend to be taboo subjects and many people may have serious misconceptions about the motivations of self-harm. There are...