Bipolar Disorder

3 Symptoms Of A Manic Episode


Bipolar Disorder consists of low and high moods.  This article will concentrate on the high moods.  These high moods are called manic episodes.  This article describes three types of high moods.

Talk Really Fast About A Lot Of Different Things

According to , the first type of manic behavior in bipolar patients is talking really fast about a lot of different things.  For instance, a patient can open the conversation by discussing what they ate for breakfast.  In addition, he or she can...

St. John

St. John’s Wort For Depression


Are you or a loved one depressed?  Have you heard of St. John's Wort?  Continue reading this article to find out more.

What Is St. John's Wort?

According to , St. John's Wort is an alternative medicine for the treatment of depression.  This does not mean you should stop taking your medicine if you start taking St. John's Wort.  Absolutely!  Take both.  However, it is important to note stop taking your medication just because your are taking St. John's Wort.  It is...

Bipolar Depression

What Is Bipolar Disorder?


What Is Bipolar Disorder?  Do you or a loved one suffer from bipolar disorder?  Are you interested in knowing what the highs and lows of bipolar disorder are?  According to , this article will describe what bipolar disorder is and what the highs and lows of bipolar disorder are.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

According to , bipolar disorder is defined by changes in mood or mood shifts.  According to , these changes in mood...


Treatments For Winter Depression


Are you suffering from winter depression?  Are you looking for strategies to combat winter depression?  Continue reading this article to find out strategies to help battle your depression.

Light Boxes

According to , light boxes can be a source of treatment for winter depression.  According to psych central, light boxes give off a lot of sun light similar to the  natural sun light.  In return, the high intensity of light helps improve the moods of patients with winter depression because it helps...

Adult ADHD

What Is Adult ADHD?


You may have heard of ADHD in children.  However, there is Adult ADHD too.  This article will describe what ADHD is.

What Are The Symptoms Of Adult ADHD?

According to , if you have six of the following you may have Adult ADHD:

Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in course work, work, or other activities
Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities


ADHD Vs. Bipolar Disorder


What are the differences between ADHD and Bipolar Disorder?  This article will explain the differences between ADHD and Bipolar Disorder.

What Are Some Of The Differences?

According to , ADHD is characterized by inattention and hyperactivity, while bipolar disorder is characterized by mood swings between "high energy and activity" and depression.  According to  , children with ADHD may feel sad for no particular reason, "while children with ADHD may sometimes feel sad for no reason, children with...


Medications For Depression


There are various types of medications used to treat depression.  They include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), including Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft.


According to , the first type of SSRI used to treat depression is called Lexapro.  Lexapro is used to treat Depression but can also be used to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  However, for the purposes of this article, this article will focus on Lexapro as a treatment for Depression.  According to , "This medicine...


3 Ways To Help Someone With Depression

Do you know a loved one with depression?  Are you looking to provide this person with love and support?  Continue reading this article to find out strategies to provide this person with love and support.

Be On Their Side

According to Psych Central's article on how to support someone with depression, the first tip to help someone with depression is to be on their side.  Never say to a depressed person, "Why can't you just get out of bed?"  Instead, say "You...


Myths About Depression


Those suffering from depression have their ups and downs.  However, what is true about depression?  What is false about depression?  This article will explore the myths about depression.

If I Have Depression I'm Crazy Or Just Weak

According to , it can argued if I have depression I'm just plain crazy or weak.  This statement is plain false.  According to , having a mental disorder doesn't mean your crazy.  It just means you may have some concerns that...