Have you ever enjoyed the therapeutic breeze of the ocean and the warm summer sand brushing against your skin during the summer months?  If so, continue reading this article.  Why not consider going to the beach during the fall months to ease your depression.  You may not be able to wear your bathing suit and go in the ocean.  However, you can lay on the beach and enjoy the sunshine and the sand against your skin.  This article will describe three ways to ease depression on the beach during the fall.

You Can Walk On The Beach

On a first note, during the fall months you can take a walk on the beach.  Go against the shore line.  The water may be a little cold.  However, this may wake you up.  It may fill you with a little bit of energy.  Do not be afraid of the water.  Let it brush against your skin on the shore line.  Walk against the shore line.  Feel the sunshine.  Feel the sun.  Embrace the day.

You Can Go For A Run On The Beach

In addition to going for a walk on the beach, you can go for a run on the beach if you want to be adventurous.  Break out the shorts and t-shirt.  Feel a little cold.  It is perfectly natural to feel a little bit cold.  Do not feel afraid to feel the breeze against your skin.  Embrace it.  Exercising releases endorphins.  It will improve your energy and make you less depressed.  And more importantly, you are on the beach.  The sun and the sand will embrace your day and fill you with energy.

Laying On The Beach

In addition to walking on the beach and running on the beach, you can also lay on the beach.  It does not have to be the summer to lay on the beach.  Embrace the sunlight and enjoy the day.  Have a nice day with family and friends to enjoy the day at the beach.


This article has focused on easing depression while enjoy time at the beach.  The three ways to ease depression while enjoying a day at the beach include: going for a walk on the beach, going for a run on the beach, in addition to laying on the beach.  What do all of these three ways have in common?  They enable the person with depression to relax and ease depression.