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3 Ways To Cope With Depression Over Columbus Day Weekend


Do you suffer from depression?  Are you looking for ways to cope with depression over this short Columbus Day weekend break?  Consider trying these three tips to deal with depression.

Journaling In Your Back Yard On Columbus Day Weekend

On a first note, you can journal in your backyard on Columbus Day Weekend.  This can help you manage the thoughts you are having.  It is good to journal.  It can help you to release negative thoughts and feelings from your mind.  It is a form of detoxification and clarification.

Meditation In Your Bedroom

In addition to journaling in your backyard on Columbus Day weekend, meditation in your bedroom is another activity you can do this columbus day weekend.  For instance, you can download a free app with the change of seasons or passive progressive muscle relaxation. Make sure either meditation app is free.  Meditation apps can be pricey.  Set an assigned time for meditating in your bedroom, whether it be the morning or at nighttime, or during the afternoon.

Exercise At A Specific Point During The Day During Columbus Day Weekend

In addition to journaling in your backyard and meditating in your bedroom, it is also important to exercise at a specific point during the day during columbus day weekend.  With this being said, do not get lazy and relaxed during the holiday weekend.  Find a time to exercise, whether it be morning, afternoon, or evening after dinner or even before dinner.  To be specific, exercise releases endorphins, which improves your mood.  This will decrease your chances of becoming depressed and staying depressed.  You do not have to engage in a marathon to experience the benefits of exercise.  Simply, exercise for 2o minutes a day. This will do.  You can go for a walk or a run.


To end this article, three tips have been mentioned for individuals with Major Depressive Disorder to overcome episodes of Depression during Columbus Day Weekend.  They include: journaling in your backyard on columbus day weekend, meditating in your bedroom, in addition to exercising at a specific point, whether its during the day, evening, or nighttime.  All of these component involve self-care.  It is important to journal.  It is important to meditate.  It is important to engage in exercise for self-care, as well.  All three of these tips will enable you to engage in self-care during Columbus Day weekend with your friends and family.

3 Ways To Cope With Depression Over Columbus Day Weekend



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