In my previous article I described three tips to overcome insomnia with bipolar disorder.  In this article, I will describe what insomnia is.

What Is Insomnia?

According to, insomnia is a sleep disorder in which people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.  In addition, people with insomnia may also experience both falling asleep and staying asleep.  People with insomnia may get too little sleep and not feel well rested when they wake up.

What Is The Difference Between Acute Insomnia And Chronic Insomnia?

According to, there are two types of insomnia, acute insomnia and chronic insomnia.  According to, acute insomnia is more common than chronic insomnia.  It occurs by situations such as stress at work, family situations, or traumatic events.  It generally lasts for days or weeks.  On the other hand, according to, chronic insomnia can last for up to a month or longer.  According to, most cases of chronic insomnia are secondary.  This means they are usually a symptom or side effect of some other problem. To be specific, a few of these problems include certain medical conditions, medicines, sleep disorders, and substances that can cause secondary insomnia.

What Are The Symptoms Of Insomnia?

According to, the symptoms of insomnia include:

  • Lie awake for a long time before you fall asleep
  • Sleep for only short periods
  • Be awake for much of the night
  • Feel as if you haven’t slept at all
  • Wake up too early

What Should You Avoid If You Have Insomnia?

What should you avoid if you have insomnia?  According to, you should avoid the following:

Caffeine, Tobacco, And Other Stimulants

According to, these stimulants can last up to eight hours in your system.  Hence, they can keep you awake and can cause difficulty falling asleep.


According to, alcohol may make it easier for you to fall asleep.  Then you may be wondering why should I worry about it causing me insomnia.  Here is the flip side.  It can make your sleep lighter than usual.


To end this article, the topic of insomnia has been mentioned.  Various topics about insomnia have been mentioned including: What is Insomnia, What Is The Difference Between Acute Insomnia And Chronic Insomnia, What Are The Symptoms Of Insomnia, What Should You Avoid If You Have Insomnia; Caffeine, Tobacco, And Other Stimulants and Alcohol.  This article is a brief overview of insomnia.