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Treatments For Winter Depression


Are you suffering from winter depression?  Are you looking for strategies to combat winter depression?  Continue reading this article to find out strategies to help battle your depression.

Light Boxes

According to psychcentral.com, light boxes can be a source of treatment for winter depression.  According to psych central, light boxes give off a lot of sun light similar to the  natural sun light.  In return, the high intensity of light helps improve the moods of patients with winter depression because it helps restrict the discharge of melatonin in the brain.  Light boxes are used daily in the morning for about 30 minutes to two hours.  Symptoms are usually gone after two weeks.


According to psychcentral.com, exercise is another way to lessen winter depression.  According to psych central, exercise can improve mood but also decrease stress levels in patients with winter depression, too.  According to psychcentral.com, “Studies have pointed out that one hour doing aerobic exercise outside (even with a cloudy skies overhead) had the same benefits as 2.5 hours of light treatment indoors.”

Proper Nutrition

According to psychcentral.com, another tip to help battle winter depression is to engage in proper nutrition.  According to psych central, if you suffer from winter depression, you may have a tendency to crave junk food and soda as the winter months progress.  According to psychcentral.com, “The reason some people indulge in high-sugar foods is because carbohydrates are often effective in increasing energy levels in the brain.”  Instead, according to psych central, it is recommended to eat larger portions of complex carbohydrates and healthy simple carbohydrates.

Proper Sleep

According to psychcentral.com, another way to help lessen winter depression is to sleep better.  According to psych central, it is recommended to open the curtains in your bedroom as soon as you wake up.  This allows light energy to come into your room and improve your mood. Try giving this method a try.


To end this article, four methods have been mentioned to combat winter depression.  They include but are not limited to: light boxes, exercise, proper nutrition, and proper sleep.  According to psychcentral.com, light boxes can be used daily in the morning first thing when you wake up.  According to psychcentral.com, exercise is another tip to lessen winter depression.  Simply stated, it improves your mood.  According to psychcentral.com, proper nutrition is another way to lessen depression but of course in moderation.  On a final note, according to psychcentral.com, proper sleep is another good source to alleviate the winter blues.



Treatments For Winter Depression

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