Medication and psychotherapy are two types of treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Depression.  However, not everyone has the money to spend on medication and psychotherapy.  In addition, some may want more natural types of treatment. With that said, have you considered trying natural types of treatment for Depression and Bipolar Disorder?  Have you considered trying aromatherapy oils?  This article will describe the benefits of aromatherapy oils.

Aromatherapy Oils Do Not Have The Side Effects That Medications Do

On a first note, medications have many negative side effects.  They can cause weight gain, weight loss, headaches, stomaches, etc.  Why not use a natural treatment method to help with your symptoms?  If you use aromatherapy oils, you will not have to worry about the negative side effects from medication.

Aromatherapy Oils Help You Relax

In addition to not having the negative side effects that medication has, aromatherapy oils also help you relax. Try putting a combination of lavender and orange on a cotton ball and put it in a cup.  Put this cup in your room.  Let the scent fill your room.  I’m sure you will notice that you will become more relaxed.  With that said, consider giving aromatherapy oils a try.

Aromatherapy Oils Can Increase Sleep

On a third note, aromatherapy oils can increase sleep.  Put aromatherapy oil on a cotton ball and put it in a cup and put it next to your bed window.  You will notice you will fall asleep faster.  On a further note, you can also put aromatherapy on a cotton ball and rub aromatherapy on your pillow sheet.  This way, you will be able to smell the aromatherapy oil up close while you sleep and fall asleep quickly. Either way, whether you put aromatherapy oils on your bed window or on your pillow, you will fall asleep more quickly.


To end this article, aromatherapy has been mentioned as a type of treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Depression.  It has also been mentioned that aromatherapy oils have many benefits.  In this article, three benefits of aromatherapy oils have been highlighted.  They include but are not limited to avoiding the side effects of medications; helping individuals relax; and increasing individual’s sleep during the night time.

If you are struggling with Bipolar Disorder or Depression and do not have the money for psychotherapy or medication, consider trying aromatherapy oils as a treatment method.