Bipolar Disorder can be an extremely stressful illness.  You can have mood swings, racing thoughts, as well as irritability.  The question remains how do you cope with these stressors in your life.  Continue reading this article to find out.


On a first note, establish a general routine for the day.  When you have a routine planned out for the day, your stress level decreases dramatically.  Simply put, you have more structure in your daily routine.  In return, your mood will become more stable and you will have less mood swings.  You will also have less a chance of having racing thoughts, as well as experiencing irritability.  When you have a daily routine, you are more efficient as well.  Consider having a general routine to cope with Bipolar Disorder.


In addition to having a general routine planned out for the day, consider having a list of activities planned out for the day.  After breakfast, consider going for a morning walk or run.  Now that summer is approaching, consider going for your morning walk or run outside and enjoy the nice, warm weather.  The activity of exercising is a form of distraction.  It is a coping skill that enables your mind to become distracted from the rumination due to racing thoughts that is a symptom of Bipolar Disorder. Consider going for a walk or a run now that the weather is warmer as a form of distraction from the racing thoughts due to Bipolar Disorder.


In addition to having a general routine planned out for the day and engaging in distraction from racing thoughts, develop a passion for something that you enjoy.  When you develop a passion for something that you enjoy, you become a happier person.  As a result, your mood will be better as well.  Your racing thoughts will also become less frequent.  In addition, you will also become less irritable and more calm.  Pick something that you enjoy and can do on a daily basis.


To end this article, this article has focused on coping strategies for Bipolar Disorder.  They include having a general routine planned out for the day, picking an activity that you enjoy doing on a daily basis, in addition to developing a passion for something in particular.  Once you start doing these three things in your life, you will notice that your racing thoughts will become less frequent and your mood will become less irritable. Consider giving these strategies a try.