Do you suffer from Major Depressive Disorder?  Are you looking for ways to overcome depression?  Try looking on your phone for ways to overcome Major Depressive Disorder.  This article will explore apps for Major Depressive Disorder.

Health Through Breath

The first app that individuals with Major Depressive Disorder can benefit from is Health Through Breath.  According to, the following can be mentioned about this app:

Stress contributes to many symptoms of ill health, including depression. Health Through Breath is one app that attempts to soothe your mind and body through relaxation. According to the app’s makers, relaxation techniques can have benefits for people who have depression as well as migraines, high blood pressure, asthma, and more. It features guided, slow breathing techniques to help you learn to relax deeply and quickly.

Positive Thinking

In addition to Health Through Breath, another app that can help individuals with Major Depressive Disorder is Positive Thinking.  According to, the following can be mentioned about this app:

The things we surround ourselves with certainly have the potential to affect our moods. Positive Thinking is an app that provides a massive collection of positive quotes to help you keep your mind on good things rather than worries and stress. You can add to the collection, store your favorites, and share the quotes on social media.

Secret Of Happiness

Another app that can be used for individual with Major Depressive Disorder is called Secret of Happiness.  According to, the following can be mentioned:

Sometimes, our brains need help breaking out of a destructive cycle. The Secret of Happiness is designed to give you a regular schedule of positive thinking as a way to train your brain to think more on the bright side. No one would suggest the cure to depression is as simple as turning your frown upside down, but this app can help you get in the practice of thinking positively. We like that the app asks for a 30-day commitment – enough time to develop a new habit.


To end this specific article, this article has mentioned using apps specifically designed for individuals with Major Depressive Disorder that include but are not limited to Health Through Breath, Positive Thinking, in addition to Secret Of Happiness.  In addition, Major Depressive Disorder, for any individual, does not have to be a debilitating disorder.  Seek help from a doctor and regain your lifestyle.