The criteria for Major Depressive Disorder can include difficulty falling asleep or having too much sleep.  This article will mention what individuals with Major Depressive Disorder should never do before going to sleep.  They include but are not limited to binge watching television and updating social media accounts.

Binge Watching Television

The first tip to sleep better at night is to not binge watch television at night time.  When you binge watch television at night time, you send signals to your body and brain that you are still wide awake.  According to, the following can be noted about watching television before bed time:

How many of us have TVs in the same room where we sleep? (Me too).

We work hard, are time-constrained, and want to find a way to actually enjoy ourselves for a bit. “What better time than to watch some Netflix than bedtime?,” we think. And about two-thirds of us watch TV an hour before bed time.

The problem with watching TV is that it (literally) stimulates the brain. W. Christopher Winter, MD and sleep specialist explains: “The bright light of TV stimulates the brain, which can affect the secretion of melatonin, a hormone necessary for quality sleep.”

Updating Social Media Accounts Before Bed Time

If you want to sleep well before bed time, it is also important to not update your social media accounts right before you go to bed.  When you are in your bed and on social media, you are usually wide awake and social media makes you energized.  This will not enable you to go to sleep.  According to, the following can be noted:

Our desire to constantly interact with our social networks is seemingly insatiable. It’s so, so easy to just reach for our smartphone and check email, texts, Facebook, or just browse the web.

Similar to watching the tube prior to bedtime, smartphones also stimulate the brain. The blue light produced by many electronic devices interrupts the body’s natural sleep/wake clock – also known as circadian rhythm.

But unlike that TV remote we always lose, our phones are usually within an arm’s reach. Life is so hard these days, sheesh


To conclude this article, this article has provided strategies for individuals with Major Depressive Disorder to sleep better at night time.  They include, but are not limited to, not binge watching television before bed time, in addition to not updating your social media accounts before bed time.