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How To Sleep Better With Bipolar Disorder: Part II


In my previous article, I discussed three ways to helps individuals with Bipolar Disorder get a better night sleep.  They included going to bed at the same time every night, setting an alarm clock, in addition to going to sleep in a dark, comfortable, quiet space.  This article will expand upon this topic and include more ways for individuals with Bipolar Disorder to get a relaxing nights sleep.

Avoid Caffeine Close To Bed Time

It is suggested to avoid caffeine before bed time.  Try not to have coffee after lunch time.  According to, the following can be stated:

Caffeine can be found in expected places like coffee, soda pop, or tea, but also in unexpected foods like chocolate. As a stimulant, it will keep you awake, even if used nearly six hours before bed. Likewise, nicotine will disrupt your sleep. And contrary to common practice, an alcoholic “nightcap” can actually make your sleep worse. Though it may cause you to become drowsy, alcohol fragments the stages of your sleep and makes it more disrupted.

Skip A Nap During The Day

In addition to avoiding caffeine close to bed time, it is also suggested to skip a nap during the day.  When you nap during the day, you develop a habit of napping during the day.  You are no longer tired at night and your sleep schedule is disrupted.  According to, the following can be suggested:

The period of time that you are awake adds to something called “sleep drive.” The longer we stay awake, the more we want to go to sleep. By taking a nap, we can relieve this desire to sleep—but we’ll also have a harder time getting to sleep later. Adults should have a consolidated period of sleep at night without additional naps. If there is excessive daytime sleepiness and desire to nap, in spite of adequate sleep time, this might suggest a sleep disorder warranting further evaluation.


To end this article, this article has provided readers with suggestions to get a better night’s sleep with Bipolar Disorder.  On a first but definitely not a final note, avoid caffeine close to bed time.  In addition to avoiding caffeine close to bed time, it is also suggested to avoid skipping naps during the day time.  If you have more ideas and have Bipolar Disorder, feel free to use them, as well.  This is just a start.

How To Sleep Better With Bipolar Disorder: Part II

Lauren Walters

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