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Relaxation Techniques For Depression


Are you looking for relaxation techniques for depression?  If so, continue reading this article.  This article will explore relaxation techniques for depression.  They include deep breathing, exercise, and journaling.

Deep Breathing

The first tip to prevent depression and deepen your relaxation is to engage in deep breathing exercises, whether its meditation or simply deep breathing.  Deep breathing is an easy practice you can engage in wherever you are to ground yourself and gain better insight into your daily routine and feel better about yourself as well.  Consider giving deep breathing a try.

According to, the following can be stated about using deep breathing to deepen your relaxation:

Deep, slow breathing can help you release anxiety and relax from head to toe. Try it at set times throughout the day or whenever you feel stress building. Combine deep breathing with meditation for even greater relaxation, stress relief, and focus.


In addition to deep breathing, another way to engage in relaxation is to exercise.  You do not have to run a marathon to experience the benefits of exercise.  Consider exercising for 30 minutes 5 days per week.  You will feel better about yourself, and your stress level will diminish as well, leaving you more relaxed.

According to, the following can be stated about exercise as a relaxation technique for depression:

This is a great relaxation technique, says Payne, and it offers great physical health benefits, too. Yoga is a particularly beneficial therapy because it focuses on meditation, balance, deep breathing, and relaxation all at the same time.


In addition to deep breathing and exercising, another relaxation technique used to treat symptoms associated with depression is journaling.  When you journal you enable yourself to express all your thoughts and feelings, this enables your mood to stabilize.  As a result, your symptoms associated with depression decrease as well.

According to, the following can be stated about journaling to decrease your symptoms associated with depression:

If something’s bothering you and you just need to get it off your chest, a diary or journal can be your best friend. Take a few moments each day — or any time you feel down or stressed — to write about your fears, concerns, or frustrations.


To end this article, this article has described relaxation techniques to decrease symptoms associated with depression.  To be specific, they include deep breathing, exercising, in addition to writing in a journal.


Relaxation Techniques For Depression

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