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Treatment For Racing Thoughts With Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar Disorder can be a challenging disorder to treat.  This article will focus particularly on rapid cycling.  According to, “Rapid cycling is defined as four or more manic, hypomanic, or depressive episodes in any 12-month period. With rapid cycling, mood swings can quickly go from low to high and back again, and occur over periods of a few days and sometimes even hours. The person feels like he or she is on a roller coaster, with mood and energy changes that are out-of control and disabling.”  This article will provide readers with two important treatment strategies to overcome rapid cycling.

Charting Your Moods

One effective way to manage rapid cycling is to chart your mood.  When you chart your mood, you will become better aware of your mood and how to regulate your mood.  According to, “Charting your moods can help you and your doctor identify patterns and things that cause stress, track your improvement on different medications or get an idea of when new episodes might occur.”


In addition to charting your moods, another source of treatment for rapid cycling is psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy enables one to develop a therapeutic relationship with a trained professional and express their deepest concerns in an empathic, professional environment.  According to, the following can be noted about psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy can be an important part of your treatment plan. Not only are people with bipolar disorder at risk for further manic or depressive episodes, it’s possible to experience difficulty as a result of past episodes. Characteristics such as irritability, tendency to cry, racing thoughts or impulsiveness may cause social problems. Because people with bipolar disorder are often unfairly judged, they may lose opportunities to develop friendships or romantic involvement, or have trouble achieving their career goals. These struggles may contribute to self-esteem problems. That’s why it’s helpful for people with bipolar disorder to consult their physicians or mental health professionals about one-on-one counseling and/or the benefits of couples, family, or group therapy. Discussing sticking to a treatment plan that works and managing and preventing suicidal thoughts can prove to be lifesaving.


To end this article, charting your moods and psychotherapy are two practical treatment methods to help individuals with Bipolar Disorder manage rapid cycling.  Psychotherapy and charting your moods balance each other out.  Psychotherapy can be practiced in a therapeutic setting, while charting your moods can be practiced at home.


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Treatment For Racing Thoughts With Bipolar Disorder

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