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Surprising Symptoms Of Depression: Part II

surprising symptoms of depressionIntroduction

In my previous article entitled, “Surprising Symptoms Of Depression,” I discussed two surprising symptoms of depression, pain and loss of temper or short fuses, that can be associated with depression.  This article will expand upon this topic.  It will discuss more surprising symptoms associated with depression that would not be seen as common symptoms associated with depression to the human eye.

Feeling Blah

One symptom of depression that you may not associate with depression is feeling blah.  Have you ever woken up in the morning and you just didn’t feel like doing anything?  Have you ever just felt out of it?  Simply stated, have you ever just felt blah?  Believe it or not, feeling blah is a symptom of depression.  According to, “Feeling blah? Neutral? Numb? “Most of us have motivations that get us out of bed in the morning, whether it’s work, exercise, socializing, or making breakfast,” says Rego. “But for people who are depressed, those pulls dry up.” And things that once brought tears or smiles now barely register. This kind of zombie behavior is a hallmark sign of depression, and it can make you seem cold, distant or aloof, pushing away the people who would otherwise give you love and support.”

Difficulty Make Decisions On A Daily Basis

In addition to feeling blah, another symptom of depression that you may not associate with depression is experiencing difficulty making decisions on a daily basis.  You may deciphering whether to hit the snooze button or get out of bed in the morning.  Either way, this is a symptom of depression, according to  Also, on an even further note, according to, “We make upwards of 70 conscious decisions every day, Columbia University research shows, and most of them are no-brainers.  Snooze or wake up? Get dressed or stay in pajamas? Eat oatmeal or eggs? Read or watch TV? “When we’re depressed, those cognitive processes take a big hit,” says Rego. “Little things we normally don’t think twice about suddenly become weighty decisions.”


To conclude this article, I have reflected on two important points throughout this article.  On a first note, feeling blah can be considered a symptom depression.  On a second note, experiencing difficulty making decisions on a daily basis may be considered another symptom of depression that you may not associate with depression.  If you experience any symptoms of depression, do not wait.  Consult with your doctor.


Surprising Symptoms Of Depression: Part II

Lauren Walters

My name is Lauren Walters. I am currently heading into my final semester of graduate school for Mental Health Counseling in the Spring of 2016. Through my own experiences with mental illness, I love to inspire others through my writings and reassure them that they can live healthy, productive lives, despite mental illness. I hope you enjoy my articles. Feel free to comment. I will be sure to respond to you questions and/or comments in a prompt manner. Enjoy!

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