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How To Lose Weight On Antipsychotic Medications

how to lose weight on antipsychotic medicationsIntroduction

Antipsychotic medications are used to treat Bipolar Disorder. However, one of the main side effects of antipsychotic medications are increased appetite. Naturally, if your appetite increases, you will gain weight. This is a main side effect of antipsychotic medications. The question remains how do you lose weight on antipsychotic medications. This article will provide readers with suggestions on how to lose weight, while taking antipsychotic medications.

Watch Your Caloric Intake

One simple way to lose weight, whether you are taking antipsychotic medications or not is to watch your caloric intake. Simply put, the more calories you consume, the more calories you have to burn in order to lose weight. Therefore, according to, “Watch your caloric intake. If you take in too many calories, you will gain weight regardless of whether you’re on antipsychotics or not. Some patients report antipsychotics make them more hungry, which leads them to eat more and gain weight. If you are experiencing this side effect, make sure you’re eating low-calorie foods.” In other words, the less calories you consume, the less chances you are to gain weight, especially if you are taking antipsychotic medication, which increases your appetite.

Exercise On A Daily Basis

In addition to watching your caloric intake, another way to lose weight while taking antipsychotic medications is to exercise on a daily basis. According to, “Get moving. Exercise burns calories, whether you’re on antipsychotics or not. Even if you can just walk for 15 minutes a few times a day, do it. Fit in whatever you can in order to burn more calories to lose the weight from the antipsychotics.” As stated above, 15 minutes of walking a few times a day can’t hurt. You don’t have to sing up for a marathon to see the benefits of exercise. If you exercise, you are going to burn calories and increase your chances of losing weight. It’s that simple.


This article has provided readers with two specific ways to lose weight, while taking antipsychotic medications. They include watching your caloric intake. Try to avoid those extra calories late at night. Make it a habit to stop eating after a certain time at night. Also, on another important note, try to exercise on a daily basis. As mentioned above, you do not have to sign up for a marathon to experience the lasting benefits of exercise to lose weight. Try going for a short walk and enjoy the scenery in the park.

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How To Lose Weight On Antipsychotic Medications

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