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How To Increase Serotonin Naturally


One of the symptoms associated with depression is low serotonin levels. Medications such as SSRIs may increase serotonin levels for some individuals suffering from depression. However, SSRIs may not work for everyone. What do you do in this case? This article will answer this question. This article will provide the reader with natural remedies to increase serotonin levels in individuals with depression. They include exposure to sunlight and engaging in an exercise routine.


According to Psychology Today, “UV always gets a bad rap, because too much of it can lead to skin cancer. However, UV is important because UV light absorbed through your skin produces Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays many roles in your body, including promoting serotonin production.” To prevent skin cancer and sunburn during the summer months, use sunscreen. Do not sit inside just because of this. Go outside and absorb the sun and get Vitamin D. In return, your serotonin levels will also increase, and your mood and depression levels will be better managed, as well.


In addition to increasing serotonin levels naturally through sunlight, another natural remedy to increase serotonin levels naturally is through exercise. According to Psychology Today, “In numerous studies exercise has been shown to increase both serotonin production and release. In particular, aerobic exercises, like running and biking, are the most likely to boost serotonin. Make exercise an essential part of your routine. The biggest problem with exercise is that when people don’t feel like doing it, they don’t do it. But sometimes the reason they don’t feel like doing it is because their serotonin activity is low, and they’d rather pig out on chips or watch TV. So it’s important to go against what you’re feeling at the moment, and remind yourself of what’s important to you.” In other words, exercises like running and biking boost your serotonin levels. Even if you do not feel like exercising, give it a try. You will feel much better about yourself and become less depressed and have a better mood.


If you are currently taking SSRIs to alleviate your symptoms associated with depression and are not achieving success, do not become discouraged. Consider natural remedies to alleviate your symptoms associated with depression. As stated in this article, exposure to sunlight and engaging in a daily exercise routine can boost your serotonin levels and in return make your less depressed and boost your mood.

How To Increase Serotonin Naturally

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