Keep The Puppy Out of My Garden!

Spring is here! Yellow daffodils are everywhere and the pear trees in Kansas are in full bloom. It's a beautiful sight! I usually plant a garden, and this year I wonder how it will go with a new puppy in the family. Will Milo dig up the seeds before they sprout, chew off the sprouts before they grow, or eat the veggies before they produce?

Drama can hamper human development just like Milo interferes with my garden.

Failure to...


Compassion Can’t Be Hacked

Your worthiness is independent of others. I’m OK, You are OK. Period.

This means that while people can do and say horrible things, and you may have very strong negative reactions to their behaviors, their behaviors don’t define your OK-ness. Neither do your behaviors define their OK-ness....


Doing Healthy Conflict: Tips For Success

If you've been following my blog you've read about how the Compassion Cycle and Formula for Compassionate Conflict gives us a way to engage conflict without casualties. You've read several real-life examples of ORPO in action. I'd love to hear your experience using ORPO....