About Commitment Strategies

This blog will discuss the concept of personal accountability in a wide area of pursuits from finishing school, to losing weight, to finishing projects, to developing relationships. The commitment strategies presented will enable the reader to stay on course, prevent failure, and avoid the trap of excuses.

The blog will use anecdotal stories, case studies, new theories in the field of personal growth, positive psychology, and interviews with exceptional individuals.

Andrei Nana, Esq. is a Florida licensed attorney, founder of the International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation, Inc., Nana Endurance Training, and race director for the Icarus Florida UltraFest. He writes articles for the foundation’s News Page, has published articles in the UltraRunning Magazine and Run South Florida Magazine.

In addition he has worked with the US Army and DoD in Iraq and Afghanistan and finished 22 ultramarathons of 100 miles or longer, or 24 hour races.

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