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The Three “Laws of Success”

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We live in a society conditioned to fail. Unlike other generations where the competitive spirit was encouraged in children and where for the most part survival was a struggle, today’s newer generations in the Western world have a different set of challenges. Today’s major challenges are entitlement and weakness, both major causes of failure.

We teach our children to play games where everyone is a winner and winning does not mean anything. We teach our children they deserve everything because they are special and nothing is meaningful anymore. It is ironic that we adopted those attitudes in an attempt to protect them and keep them safe however the result is one of massive “societal” failure with no strong personal values, no clear goals, and no grit.

We give up on pretty much anything we do. It is OK that nothing is being passed through Congress because “that is politics,” it is OK that our corporations grow more and more powerful at the expense of their employees because “it is business.” It is OK that our personal relationships fail because “nobody is perfect,” and it is OK that we stopped that resolution because “we learned from the process.” These are just a few examples of attitudes we live with and pass to others on a daily basis without recognizing that the same values we apply to ourselves, we apply to the rest of the society.

So how can we change ourselves and our society? We are required to start by admitting that we are weak and we failed! It is the first step required to bring change. Change is not easy and it does not happen overnight. We are required to employ commitment strategies which work. One of the most important decisions to make, is the one of being absolutely true to ourselves.

Success in whatever we want to accomplish – from losing weight, to finishing a race, to building our dream body, to starting a business, to writing a book, to finishing a degree, to having a great relationship – can be achieved by following the three success laws: Do NOT Accept Failure! Do NOT Accept Excuses! Do NOT Give Up!


The Three “Laws of Success”

Andrei Nana

Andrei Nana is a licensed attorney, specializing in business law, business owner, and ultra-runner. Andrei has completed 22 races of 100+ miles or 24 hours, including the Spartathlon in 2013 and 2014 – finishing 2nd American and 27th overall in 2013. Recognizing the need for organization in international ultrarunning, Andrei founded the International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation, which focuses on developing elite international ultrarunning. Nana is also the creator of the first six day race in Florida, the Icarus Florida UltraFest. Sought out for his ability to overcome excuses and his unique approach to commitments, Andrei created Nana Endurance Training and frequently presents to organizations, businesses and works directly with individuals.

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