Want To Be Successful? Weed Out The Fakers and Takers

In the piece discussing Top Reasons Why We Fail one of the first listed reasons was Following the wrong people: listening to what you want to hear, frauds, cheaters, liars, people pleasers. The argument was that there is a reason why pyramid schemes work. People want to believe what sounds good even if deep inside they know it isn’t true. The most charismatic people get very good at beating at tagline that others want to hear. Yet people who are always tell others what they want to hear only really help one person – themselves.


Do You Focus On The Process Or The Outcome?

One of the common/top mistakes leading to failure enumerated in the article Top Reasons Why We Fail is the focus on the outcome and not on the process. In other words, to succeed we need to have a detailed plan, focus on the short-term process and not necessarily on the outcome. How is it working, and what are the commitment strategies to employ?


Are You Taking ‘Gluten-Free’ Fear?

Mankind and fear have a very strong relationship. From the beginning of history, people sought out and lived in fear. Fear of death, God(s), creatures, disease, famine, etc. These are, in a way, basic fears. More recently, as we evolved, we started to develop fear of emotions – not being good enough, failure, success, etc. Interestingly enough, fear is completely irrational. As it affects our bodies through clear changes - such as pulse increase, blood pressure increase, perspiration, and many others - it is based on something which does not exist – an outcome which might or might not happen in the future. But fear is primordial, and as such, it can help us or hurt us, depending on our ability to control it. Fears after all, can become just as irrational as finding gluten in a food and all of the sudden becoming intolerant. So, the question is: Is your fear ‘gluten-free’? What is the healthy fear?


Are You Using A Trifecta Approach In Your Life To Guarantee Success?

In a previous piece discussing the Top Reasons Why We Fail, lack of preparation was one of them. Perhaps it’s a top reason because, for the most part, we are not taught to prepare on a tri dimensional scale. We learn that if we pursue sports then we are required to train our body, if we pursue a career we are required to train our minds, if we pursue spirituality we are required to train our habit. However, no matter what we pursue, to be successful we are required to train all three aspects. Are you preparing enough for your next pursuit? Are you dedicating time to prepare your mind, body and soul?


Top Reasons Why We Fail

We all make mistakes in life. However some make a whole lot more than others. We all have friends who seem to always be attracted to the wrong partner, rarely finish what they start, and fail even when the odds seem stacked in their favor. We also have friends who seem to always succeed, are liked by almost everyone they meet, and seem to have the “Midas touch” with everything that comes into their lives. What makes these two groups so different?


Avoid Adversity or Struggle Through It? Why You May Want To Think Twice About Taking The Easy Road

Young people today are more entitled than ever. From early on they are taught that if the branch is too high, someone should bring a ladder. Fighting hard for anything seems, well, pointless. People who push their limits are called obsessed and shunned by the majority –who purports that “balance” is the best way.

It seems as though we searched for equality for so long, that now, our society does not know how to promote accomplishment while being politically correct.


Harness Negativity – And Jumpstart Your Life To Move Forward

In life, we have great moments when everything works well, normal moments when we get what we put in, and times when things are just going bad. Some call it luck, some call it destiny, and some call it just LIFE. Being successful is primarily due to our commitment to move forward. If we can maximize the “easy sailing,” push through the day-to-day, and somehow survive the downward spirals, success is almost guaranteed.

Nobody gives up when things go well, however a few people start to give up when things are just normal. The vast majority, as expected, give up when things are not going well. The important message: Focus on what you do when you are down.


Do You Care More About The “Appearance of Success” Than Actually Being Successful?

Social media has both improved and damaged the way we look at commitments, more specifically keeping commitments. On one hand we are encouraged to be more accountable. On the other, some simply avoid being seen – and wear a “social mask”.

So the question is: how are you affected? Are you living behind a mask? Do you care more about the “appearance of success” than actually being successful?


Love – Loss – Pain – Happiness. How Learning To Accept Pain Leads To Happiness.

Loss is inevitable in life. Some people start dealing with loss at an early age. Others do so later in life. However, no one can go through life without experiencing loss. Loss can have many forms and true loss will impact an individual in both physical and emotional ways. We can lose family members. Or we can have our hearts broken. In either case, committing to accept pain – as a normal part of life – will help us grow and learn to move on.