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Lucy With Her Puppies and My Randy Dandie…

Many of you have expressed an interest in my little Dandie Dinmont Terrier bitch, Lucy, and her three new puppies.

So, here she and they are at one week old as of yesterday. They were born on Monday, November 22.

Proud mummy and her pups…

My breeder sent this over with the following update:

“The puppies are filling out with lovely big tummies. Lucy gets three meals a day plus any dry food she wants to eat, which she did at first, but now she seems to have enough food to satisfy her.

“The girl is the most orange of the three … one boy is bigger than the other two. Lucy seems proud in this photo, doesn’t she? She is very relaxed with them now.”

I thought you might like seeing Lucy’s consort and the father of these puppies.

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Lucy With Her Puppies and My Randy Dandie…

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  1. oh my goodness they are all so cute!!!!!

    • Hi, Dear Leisanne,

      Yes they are cute, though I won’t be seeing them or hearing from my breeder for sometime. She’ll be away for the next week and a half judging a dog show in Mexico and they’re going to stay with a close friend of hers. She will not be sending updates or pix.

      Good news, though. I’ll be getting Lucy back on January 8. Hoooray.

      How are you, dear Julie?

      I’m thrilled about all your good news and your successes. Think of where you were a year ago.

      All my best.

      Henceforth, though, I’ll be blogging about more serious matters than puppies.

      Like the stresses of the season and the core values. I know this is such a trying time for so many people.

      I wish you and yours a good day, weekend and for you specifically, a good end of term. I have so much work to do and I’m really nervous.


  2. Sandy,
    Firstly, Lucy, Riley, and the puppies are too cute!
    Your post has affected me greatly. The tears just keep coming!
    I love animals. I have 2 cats myself and not only have they provided company during lonely points in my life, they have offered a good laugh with their silly antics. And when I’m really down, they will come to me and purr softly in encouragement.
    I have always felt very bonded with animals. I think that their vulnerability and dependence on us strikes a chord in my own feelings at different times in my life.
    Animals are pure love. It’s what they give and what the require.
    I have a kind of cute story about my pets.
    One session with my therapist I mentioned that my oldest cat Maggie was ill and that she was not to be on the earth much longer. I explained that I was very grief striken.
    Now you know how you can just tell when your dealing with a non-pet person?
    My doctor said “Are you and your cat close?” I really wanted to say, “Well, we hang around different social circles, but we try to make time for eachother”LOL. But I said “yes”.
    Then my doctor said that we should explore why I’m so close to Maggie.
    I had to say it. “Because she’s a cat!”. She isn’t going around sharing my business. She isn’t holding a grudge if I don’t make the bed. She isn’t judging me, she just loves me and she is a safe place to put my love.”
    I’d be lost without animals in my life.
    I’m sure your missing Lucy tremendously. I would too.

    • Leisanne,

      I am very grateful to you for sharing this story and boy, can I empathize. But not right now. I’m so late.

      Will tell you later today, when I return from my journey downtown.

      Be well, dear Leisanne…


      Until then, hugs,

    • Hi Leisanne,

      I’m back.

      What a great day. My shrink, Dr. Bob, was very pleased with my progress.

      Now then, you touched a chord with me when you mentioned the “silly antics” of your cats. We call Lucy “Miss Chiff”because if there is any trouble to get into, she will find it. She is very creative with mischief-making.

      Further, I mentioned earlier how much I empathized with you when your doctor, who obviously has no sense of the human-animal bond, asked you if your and your cat are close?

      I wish you had answered with your witty, sardonic response. You really made me laugh out loud.

      As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t live without my dogs or a dog, especially a Dandie. I love the “Terrier temperament” ~ we’re all different, true?

      When we were having financial problems and had to sell our house very quickly in June, someone who was giving us advice said, “Get rid of your dogs.”

      He kept saying this. So much so, I began to think this would be the answer. I was really torn. To the point, if you can believe it, that I seriously entertained the idea of giving up one of my dogs. Lucy. I even spoke to my breeder about finding a good home for her…

      But Leisanne, I simply couldn’t give her up. I raised her from the time she was a baby, and raised her baby, when she had her first litter, a singleton male. For 14 weeks.

      So, I didn’t. I simply stopped their exorbitantly expensive but peace-of-mind-keeping health insurance. And am I ever thankful that I made that decision. Look what those two have produced.

      I will confess something that will prove how utterly mad I really am.

      I love all living beings. Animal, insect, reptile, plant. I would not want a snake as a pet, but I know snakes have a role to play in Mother Nature’s scheme of things.

      To be honest, I always feel a pang of guilt ~ just a momentary pang ~ when I kill a pesky mosquito. That’s taking a life.

      So, yes. I know I’m crazy, but I am who I am. We all are and I love it that way.

      Good luck with your work. It’s like unpacking boxes one day at a time. ” I feel the same way about all the marking I have to do. I am so far behind.

      I share your nervousness, but I’m going to pull a Scarlett O’Hara and think about it tomorrow.

      Hugs to you dear Leisanne…

      And thanks for telling us this story and sharing so honestly and openly and courageously. You make this community’s heart beat with your delightful feelings and the way you express them.


  3. puppies are serious 🙂 they are the next generation and they are cute and make me smile. and you too. that is as serious as it needs to get.

    you will get your work done. or, you won’t. either way, the sun will still rise, and you will still be the same wonderful person. so one step (day/box/term paper/exam/whatever) at a time.

    • Julie,

      You are a very affecting source of support and hope. I love you’re attitude. Your positive energy. Your outlook. Right now, I’m running downtown to meet with the Kathy Jurgens of the CMHA (Ontario) Mental Health Works program ~ I’ve been it’s spokesperson for many years ~ then off to Dr. Bob’s. It’s been more than two very turbulent weeks. But life is getting better. Because of you!

      When I get home, I’ll continue this response with regard to “New Life” ~ a most thoughtful comment. As always.
      Hugs, for now and thank you. I was beginning to think this post was a dud because no one commented. You’ve changed the trend.
      See how empowering you are?

  4. Cute puppies! This post is not a dud; just been thinking about the joy our pets (1 cat, 2 dogs) bring into our lives. They have all been most helpful when my husband is down or having a bad cycle. My favorite is when he takes the dogs for a long walk, and when they feel he’s wandering too far, they nudge him safely home.
    Good to hear that life is getting better for you after such a tumultuous time.

    • Good to hear from you, Sallyo. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

      The joy of pets. So true. I’m convinced that they are not only emotionally therapeutic and healing but caring for them has a physical and spiritual component. Look at how your dogs help your husband, so gently.

      I believe when you have a dog and walk him/her regularly, you’re actually “Walking you dog to health, your health.” They say people who own and walk their dogs are usually slim. I can believe it. Mine have proven it with me. Since I moved and have no enclosed back yard, I’ve never in my life been in such good physical shape.

      And guess where Riley and I are going now.

      Take care, Sally.

      Sending all my love.

      Great hearing from you.

      To you and hubby and your doggies.


  5. leisanne…..your ‘hang around in different social circles’ comment is hilariously awesome. well done! and your name is cool, i’ve never heard it before.

    • Julie,

      I am in total agreement. Thanks for mentioning this and yes, Leisanne does have a lovely lyrical name.


  6. Thank you Julie for the lovely comments. Thanks too Sandy.
    This has been a fascinating topic. As always I’m left with much to think over.

    • Hi Leisanne,

      So happy to hear that you’re enjoying Lucy vicariously and your comment to Julie will certainly raise her spirits, right now, as you can see.

      What I love about this place is its community and its care.

      I’m thrilled we’re here for each other.

      Hugs and thanks,

  7. hello sandy…..our concert was fabulous last night! a huge hit. i will send you the youtube link when the videos are posted so you can listen 🙂

    however, the rest of my night was not so grand. i took a tumble down the basement stairs of my best friend’s house, and have ended up with right foot broken in 2 places. so i’m sporting a great new big plastic air cast and a lovely set of crutches. of course, it couldn’t be the same foot i injured back in august! i have to be careful now not to re-injure that one as i move about on my crutches, or i will have no good legs left to stand on. literally.

    i’m trying to keep my positivity, but at the moment i’m very frustrated that i’m immobile again. not even able to drive, which is unfortunate being out here in the suburbs.

    *sigh*. this too shall pass.

    • Julie,

      This is really upsetting to hear, especially at this time of year. I’m worried. Do you have a game plan for getting around?

      You intent to keep positive is not only admirable, it’s honourable. You are such a peach, you know that? 🙂

      What can I do? I feel I want to help you. Do something.

      In the meantime, I’m thrilled your concert was a smashing success. I want you to take care of yourself. How long are you going to be in your cast and on crutches ~ and how do you manage in all this snow?

      At least, your folks are giving you lots of tender loving care, even if you don’t have the mobility you need.

      I’m back in the lemonade-making business, sweetie. For you. Know I’m here. Apologies for taking so long to answer you. The last two days have been crazy. But what else is new?

      Sending love and lemonade…


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