2 thoughts on “Meet “Twitchy” – A Uniquely Inspiring Speaker With Tourette’s

  • July 1, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    Hi Sandy.

    What a delightful blog post! I didn’t find it too long at all; your enthusiasm and positivity shines through every word.

    Thank you so much for introducing us to this wonderful character and fellow champion of helping us to live with our challenges.

    I admit, I’ve been guilty of using the phrase “suffering from” and you make an excellent and valid point. Thank you for re-framing that expression for us, and for offering a great alternative that will help me (and many others) to move forward with our mission of helping ourselves and others with various challenges to stay strong, stick with it, and not to reinforce the negative.

    Love this article and look forward to checking out “Twitchy’s” work.

    Take care,
    You fellow Psych Central Blogger,
    (ADHD from A to Zoë)

    • July 1, 2013 at 6:17 pm

      Hi Zoë,

      What a curious coincidence. I was thinking about you today, as one of your (rather lapsed) colleagues here at Psych Central and reading Dr. Grohol note about your mastery of webinars. You are a real friend and always so supportive thoughtful.

      In truth, most people including mental health professional use that term “suffering from” so you are not alone. It’s one of those “words or phrases to watch,” because we don’t all suffer. Many of us thrive.

      This year, however, we have truly been “suffering.” I only feel comfortable mentioning one of the reasons because the other involves my husband’s health and he’s rather private. I tried to write a blog post or two about my “suffering,” but I simply could not. I can barely talk about it even now. I did not mention it on Facebook, but here in a comment to you, which is more private, I explain for the first time “in print.”

      On April 19th at 11:30 a.m. I had to have my darling Dandie Dinmont Terrier Riley put so sleep. He had just turned nine years old in November. He had kidney cancer. He began to pee blood on January 4, 2013 and an ultrasound revealed that his right kidney was twice as large as his left kidney and not functioning.

      My vet did not know then that it was cancer and he thought, perhaps, it was an infection. However, antibiotics did not shrink his kidney, even though his urine cleared. I chose not to have Riley treated in any aggressive way. I did not want him to suffer. I knew that his life was going to end prematurely.

      This little guy was my soulmate and my muse. I call him my “lifetime dog.” I’ve had other dogs and loves them each for their unique qualities, but Riley was different. He was always with me, no matter where I was.

      Although he was completely asymptomatic, at the beginning of April, he began to show signs that he wasn’t feeling quite himself. My younger Dandie, Lucy, would not leave his side and on April 18, for the first time in his life, Riley would not eat anything, as hard as I tried to tempt him.

      Dandie Dinmonts love nothing more than eating and will eat anything.

      I knew that Riley in pain. The next morning, I called my vet and took him over. My vet knew Riley was truly “suffering from” what was definitely a cancerous tumour that was pushing against his other organs. It was “time.”

      I miss Riley desperately, but I’m getting better. People in my neighbourhood no longer ask me “where’s your other dog,” when I walk Lucy. “That” was a killer.

      So that’s my story, Zoë. Writing my blog has taken a back seat to other things because I must do so much more around here and I’m focusing on my work.

      There is real suffering in this house right now. Even my plants are suffering. My two little orchids are losing their flowers.

      Curious that you should pick up on that today. From the sound of things in your busy life and with your prolific output, things are good for you and I’m so happy for you. I cannot wait to read your memoir and I thrilled you’re thriving and growing and learning and helping so many others understand ADHD. So happy you’re still “in touch” with me.

      You’ve made my Canada Day so sweet and I am profoundly grateful to you.

      Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend.
      With love and take care from your “sister” Psych Central Blogger,
      (Coming Out Crazy)


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