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Thanksgiving In The Great White North

Okay. It's not white and snowy up here yet, but if you're beneath the 49th parallel, Canada is definitely north and in many ways, great.

For one thing, today is Canadian Thanksgiving, a national holiday that always corresponds to your Columbus Day, and a great season for thanksgiving, too. Harvest Time.

All over my neighbourhood, walking my two Dandie Dinmont Terriers today, I've encountered people harvesting or clearing out their gardens, a...
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Day 14: Texting Away Our Humanity, Part One…

Today, I'm still pretty tired. Feeling "written out." Exhausted.

Overwhelmed by my commitment to blog for 31 days straight. I have another 17 days to go. (Eeeeeek!)

For some reason I cannot manage to get a few posts written and "in the can" so I can rest a bit. And breathe. But this might be that post.

Ideas are still flooding into my head

For example, I had considered posting about the heinous bullying of Karen...
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Day Seven: On Living “Beyond Normal”…

I just read Jenise Harmon's enlightening Sorting Out Your Life blog here at Psych Central.

It's titled Live Beyond Normal and it's one of today's most popular.

It deserves to be and I urge you to read

Before I rhapsodize about her insights into that misunderstood word, normal, not one of my favourites, I read more posts by Jenise.

Thinking Outside The Box hit home for me.
"Everyone sees the world...
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My Own Personal Blogathon ~ Day One…

"Writing is like playing the piano. It takes practice."
Those were the unforgettable words of one of the brightest City Editors I ever worked with at The Toronto Sun. And he's right.

Lately, I've gotten out of the habit of writing and blogging, so I've decided blatantly to copy Margarita Tartakosky, an associate editor and Weightless blogger here at Psych Central, and blog every day for 31 days.

Margarita is my muse...
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It’s Time for a New Model…

When I was a kid, a long time ago, long before I learned about feminism, pre-Betty Friedan, I remember my father joking with my mother.

Though on reflection, I don't think his joke was very funny.

My father would say to my mother, in jest, because I know he adored her, "Maybe it's time I traded you in for a new model."

Sometimes I wish I could trade myself in for a new

That's not a put-down, but given...
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Keeping Our Eyes On The Road…

We bought a well "pre-owned" car this morning.

It's not blue, like the one you see here. Ours is silver.

It's a 2008 Subaru Impreza with All Wheel Drive ~ in mint condition.

We had invaluable

We couldn't have accomplished this without the expertise and enthusiasm of one of our dearest, closest friends who loves nothing more than "looking for, looking at and test driving cars," as he said.

"The fact that I can indulge this guilty pleasure...
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I Don’t Want to “Fat Talk”…

A word about my weight. I don't want to talk about it.

It an emotional issue. My emotional issue.

Directly related to my  emotional health, to trauma. Part of it is genetic, too.

I'm sorry I mentioned it at the end of my post the other day.

I regret this. It was an error in judgment. I'm deeply sorry.

My weight is my lifelong

It's not simply that I do not like being overweight. However, I'm not going to...
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A Letter to My Editor…

Dear Jessica ~

Please forgive my not keeping you in the loop.

Last week, my psychiatrist, Dr. Bob, told me simply "to write the year 2010 off."

Sounds pretty prescient, given what's happened since then, but in truth, he is up to speed and I am so sorry you and my readers are not. I am seeing him weekly these days because I'm having so many problems over which I have utterly no control ~...
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