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Day 13: Resisting Burnout

I’m very tired. Blogged out. My blog posts are not up to scratch, in my opinion.

I know because you’re not commenting and a blog is a community. Without you, where’s our community?

So this little post is simply an update to let you know that I’m not going to spend hours posting today.

Today’s a “mental health day”

During my 30-year career writing for a daily newspaper, for radio and for magazines, as a freelancer, I always took a day off from time to time. Everyone needs to recharge, reflect and refresh to continue to write, which is enormously taxing work.

Me, too. I hope you’ll understand

Never, ever have I published 12 days in a row, as I have here. And here, I’ve actually posted 14 times in 12 days. That’s a lot. You can get burned out at that rate. I need to prevent burnout.

Also, my blog posts average between 500 and over 1,000 words.

Ernest Hemmingway wrote 1,000 words a day. Would that I could write like Ernest Hemmingway – in my dreams –  a journalist before he became a novelist. He wrote for The Toronto Star.

What Hemmingway and I have in common

That’s about all we have in common, other than our mood disorders. He was more depressed than I was, though he had his manic moments, too. We also share our passions for telling good stories.

But right now the stories are not telling themselves to me, so I’m struggling to tell them to you. Not a good sign.

You like lists, but I’m not a list-maker

Do you know that when I’ve looked at other blogathon posts, sometimes they’ve simply been poems or lists of words. I’m no poet, either nor am I any good at all on writing lists. I know you want 5 ways to do this or 3 reasons for that. But I just don’t think in lists.

You have no idea how much I want to share with you, closer to my passion which is mental and emotional health.

I have written 74 drafts that I haven’t posted because I’m so hard on myself. Hard on my writing. Perfectionistic. (The problem with making mistakes and not doing things well, here, is that it’s so public!)

“Perfectly Imperfect”

I long to be perfectly imperfect. (Kudos to Pavel G. Somov, PhD and his Psych Central blog 360° of Mindful Living.)

I’m working on being less self-critical. More relaxed about all this so I can be more prolific and write more regularly all the time and not just during self-imposed blogathons. I’m going to revisit those drafts and see what buried treasures I might find.

So even though there’s still life left in this old dog, she’s taking a day off.

Lately I’m ripping out more than knitting

Lately, I’m finding that my knitting is taking up more time, but I’m having a hard time finding the Zen in my Knitting. I crave that relaxation. That mindfulness. Although, if the truth must be known, I’m ripping out (this link give you some good tips) more and re-kntting more.

So, I’m going upstairs to my Addi Turbos and my latest baby project. I’m on my third try and the baby will outgrow for it before I finish it if I don’t get cracking.

Wishing you a simply splendid summer day, a peaceful day. Keep cool and be safe and take care.

See you tomorrow.



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Day 13: Resisting Burnout

Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman is a Toronto freelance journalist.

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