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Archives for October, 2011

eating disorders

Mechanical Writing…

The other day, I walked miles from Toronto General Hospital to Number One Yonge Street.

The offices of The Toronto Star are located there, where I write from time to time as a freelance.

I had a meeting with my longstanding editor Brandie Weikle. It was a quick cup of coffee, more than a meeting. We like to keep in touch.

Walking lifts my

Best of all, I love walking around Toronto. I'm...
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World Mental Health Day: Hah!


Unlike almost everyone in Canada, this weekend Marty and I are not gorging on turkey, stuffing and all the other traditional Thanksgiving delicacies that celebrate the annual harvest.

Marty has a terrible cold and is living on chicken soup with matzah balls. I'm walking the pooches, eating whatever we have, whenever.

In short, we're here.

As for my protracted "break from blogging," all I can say is I'm otherwise occupied. Concentration isn't the...
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