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Working Out A Perfect Summer Saturday…

I’ve started fitness training to stay on top of my moods which are all over the map these days!

Plus, I need to build up my diminishing my bone mass.

With borderline osteopenia, I want to avoid more medication.

All drugs have side-effects, so it’s best to avoid them, if at all possible…

I take eight (8) different prescription drugs a day, in various combinations, plus weekly injections of Aranesp or EPO for chronic anemia. That was caused by my immuno-suppressants. All for my transplant. Only one for my mood.

I die without them ~ so I live with them. I will do anything to prevent taking more.

Exercise is a great preventative of a million and one things ~ including in some cases, the need for pharmaceuticals …

Neuroscientists are finding that  exercise may prevent you from losing your mind…

It can improve the health of your brain, according to Jamie Hale‘s post here on the PsychCentral World of Psychology blog titled Your Brain on Exercise and that’s a good thing to know. More than crosswords, I suspect. The jury is still out on those, but neuroscientific research is increasingly stressing that physical exercise is a sure thing in limbering up that big grey muscle mass in your head. Think about it.

I don’t want to lose my mind any more and stress is a killer…

Anyway, in my case, since I’ve already lost my mind so many times, it’s a good idea, I think, to try to maintain what I have left of it or even augment it, if possible. (Hee, Hee!) No one knows, for sure, yet, but the research is certainly suggesting that exercise can do that. Everything is up for grabs these days. Why not try? It cannot hurt. (If you’re careful.)

To explore this train of thought more, click onto an extraordinarily insightful story in today’s Globe and Mail about mental health, psychiatry, the DSM-V and its history. Quite enlightening and the writer, Ian Brown, is an acquaintance, a terrific researcher and superb journalist who has deservedly won many awards for his journalistic work and his books. Definitely worth a click. There are lots of questions here, provocative ones. Thought provoking one. Great for a weekend read. 🙂

Back to my bone mass…

It’s diminishing and no one knows why. With age. And with my kidney complications. But I’ve drastically increased my exercise ~ walking. Not enough, apparently.

So, why not try to keep what’s there in good shape by adding resistance training to my regular walking routine. My doctors cannot offer any prescription that sounds any better, I’ll try and see what my next screening shows in November.

So in the meantime…

Three weeks ago, I joined my local community centre fitness club. It’s an amazing facility, and a ten minute walk/job from my front door. Great value, too.

Terrific equipment. A team of excellent kinesiologists always there, seven days a week, from dawn to dark, to help you. After they assess you in a very comprehensive one-hour session, leaving no physiological system unexamined, they design a program especially for you.

I did pretty well on the assessment. My BMI was on the high end of normal, and my flexibility needs work, but that’s about it. I explained that I want to lose some weight, some fat, tighten up my upper body and build some upper body definition. My legs are pretty good because of all the dog-walking I do. Also, I said I don’t like “floor work because I have a floor at home. I like machines.” So I got machines. Only five stretches on the floor and wall and a pole. Otherwise, I do a circuit on the machines. Counting reps and set and increasing weights.

Since I started, I shaved two inches off my waist…

This works.

Now, I don’t feel like going right now, but today’s a fitness day and I know I’ll feel better. So I’m going.

It’s a beautiful outside.

I’m not going to drive, but walk…

Jump onto the elliptical machine for 35 minutes and then work through my exercise routine.

When I’m done and showered, we’re heading downtown to see the new documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times because we’re both newspaper junkies and it probably won’t be around long ~ with abysmal reviews. But we don’t care. It’s a day out and we need it.

So off I go. I’m ready to roll. My running shoes are on and I’m primed to do a little sweating and de-stressing.

Have a glorious day, wherever you are. I hope the sun is shining on you.

Working Out A Perfect Summer Saturday…

Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman is a Toronto freelance journalist.

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