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Wishing You Good ~ Now…

Good Afternoon ~

How are you, today?

Feeling okay?

Feeling fresh and new and raring to go?

Here, outside, it’s grey, drizzly, damp and drab ~ but not inside. Not where I am right now… because I’m with you and the one thing I wanted to accomplish today was to be with you ~ on this first day of the first year of a new decade.

How exciting. How I love beginnings…

I hope you’re with me, too.

I’m looking at this exquisite daisy on this hopeful new day and feeling filled with all kinds of promise and buoyancy. Optimism. Confidence.

The year 2010 is now history. It was a challenging year for us, but an opportunity to prove that I was more resilient that I ever dreamed I could be. I learned that I love to embrace change and that chaos has many lessons to teach if you’re open to learning them.

The days are getting longer here…

Perhaps by only three seconds a day, but it’s a beginning. This is a sure sign that we’re edging closer to Spring. At the same time, I’m embracing Winter in Ontario for the first time in my life because I’m out walking every morning ~ as I did this morning ~ rain, shine, snow, sleet, drizzle, cold or the curious thaw that we’re having right now.

My nephew is studying at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario ~ where it’s really cold, and temperatures can plummet to -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) with the wind chill factor on the coldest days. He taught me the art of dressing for the cold weather. Wearing acrylics and layering. What a gift. What an education. (At the same time, I must admit, with all this layering it takes me almost as long to dress to take Riley out for a walk as the walk itself. Well, not quite. We walk for 50 minutes. But it feels that way.)

Today, it’s 11 degrees Celsius or 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit. I suspect like last week, we were engulfed once again in our classic Canadian Winter deep freeze yet at least we are equipped to handle it. My heart breaks for those in places where three inches of snow is major catastrophe and day-to-day life stops cold. No pun intended.

The indomitable goodness of the human spirit…

Yet even then, despite the major inconveniences and disappointments, it’s amazing how the human spirit finds a way, often, to triumph beyond the vicissitudes of the weather and the little and huge curve balls Mother Nature can throw our way. Think of all those heat waves and power failures and how people gather to be together and share their resources. To cushion each other with the one quality we share, our empathy and compassion. In any major natural disaster, so many people simply give and keep on giving. So many countries help.

Staying in the moment ~ ain’t easy. It’s takes constant practice…

This is what gives me hope, today. And it is hope that gives us a reason to keep on living. It’s the only reason. Yesterday, as I was buzzing around town, getting ready for our annual New Year’s Eve pot luck at the home of longtime friends, I was listening to an interview with lyricist Oscar Hammerstein on CBC Radio‘s Rewind. He was speaking at one point about one of his most controversial musicals, South Pacific and the song, Happy Talk.

Here are the first four lines of his lyric…

“Happy talk, keep talking happy talk

Talk about things you like to do

You got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream

How you gonna have a dream come true?”

So simple. Yet so profound…

He explained in the interview many years ago, before he died in 1960 following the premier of The Sound of Music, his last musical collaboration with Richard Rogers, that this little lyric is really all about hope. Hope is everything. Without dreams and hopes, it’s impossible survive, to get out of bed every morning, to keep moving forward. To keep learning and being.

Hope is about today. Now. Not tomorrow. It’s about right now. You simply cannot change yesterday. It’s there. It’s gone. It’s history. Don’t forget it. Accept it and if you possibly can, learn from it and then move on. It’s so, so hard. Have your dreams. Don’t be afraid to dream. Keep dreaming.

I work every moment of every day, every hour, every minute to stay in the now. I try not to blame, to feel shame. To just keep moving. That’s what I’m constantly trying to do and it ain’t easy.

Now then, I wonder… where are you emotionally right now?

First, please excuse me, but I always have a little trouble ~ something sticks in my “craw” ~ saying “Happy New Year” ~ because I want to wish you more than just 365 days of happiness. Then what?

What I really want is to wish you a lifetime of good things. Good happenings. Good meantimes. Goodness.

Beyond happiness, which is so relative…

I want to wish you excitement and joy and dreams that you can make come true for you. Love in your life. Enriching relationships. Friendships that bring a smile to your heart and sparkle to your soul.

Most of all ~ I wish you good health…

All healths ~ physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, rational, social, psychological… the whole shebang.

I wish you healing and harmony. Recovery, which is an ongoing process.

I wish you peace of mind. I wish that when you look at your reflection in a mirror you like the person you see staring back at you. I wish that you can smile at the person you are. That you know that person. And keep learning.

I wish that you can stay restless a little, too. That you can keep questioning and wondering and not being sure about your world.

I wish that you will want to change things about your life. That you won’t be complacent and sit back and say, I’m done.

Because I hope that no one is ever done. Done, for me, means death…

Happiness can be elusive. It has different meaning for everyone. For me, hope encompasses happiness. The idea that anything is possible. It’s all about change.

We need to keep changing, don’t we? Not to keep up, but to stay alive.

So on this first day of a new year and a new decade, I am wishing you good times. Today, right now. Whatever “good” means to you. However you describe “good” for yourself.

I wish for you the gifts of focus, determination, stamina and the ability to keep dreaming. Keep hoping.

I wish for you the courage to know when you need to ask for help. The vision to know that help can be found in the most unexpected places ~ not just in a doctor’s office.

I wish for you the knowledge and insight to recognize that asking for help doesn’t signal weakness, but strength.

I wish for you your dreams. Your hopes. Embrace change. Don’t shy away from it. Change can be challenging and so invigorating, too. It’s my way of staying young. That learning process, in itself, is so liberating. I don’t hold onto my past and I love, find endlessly fascinating, many of the ways the world is changing. The speed of change today astounds me. If I don’t understand it, I try to learn the whys of it, the hows of it, and try not to be overwhelmed by it.

And you know what?

It feels good.

Wishing You Good ~ Now…

Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman is a Toronto freelance journalist.

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